Titled: In thought before a nap.
2/10/2023 8:37am
You have to ignore the systematic programming, "they" created to keeps us in conflict with each other. We know who was more wicked than who... Our magic was differet and we "enjoyed" the riches Freely. If I was stuck on land and ran into you I'll want what you have because it was natural... Be You, SHOWS people the inside you is And accept what you see "if you believe in true love" or Love at all... Make dirt into Diamonds together. We Have All Have one shot at this before this vessel rots and the mind begins to diminish into the aybss.
Time is really in an hourglass and that's what we'll return to in THEE END..... Dirt made dirt

💀💛👻Don't fake love me because when I die "i See you lay 🛌 Or You see me 🛌'' lol smh🤦🏾 it's really over until "our" light gets selected to roam another realm like this again.
3rd charaka

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