The Vampire and I -Part 1
I drag my shoes and step outside the breeze hitting my face. Around me are red and pink tulips that I planted 3 months ago. I collect a bunch of them and hold them tight in my hands. Wind blows my dark fringe around and I notice the old shed at the end. Walking towards it , the sky is crystal blue and full of clouds. I push open the rusted door and see something very unusual. A tall ( way taller than me considering I'm 5”6) guy wearing all black. “Hello~” he says with a deep voice. I gasp in shock and freeze.

Bringing my thoughts together, I dash out of the shed and hurry back inside. Slamming the door behind me, my breath is rapid and then I realise-I dropped my flowers! This must be my imagination,I tell myself and lay on the couch staring at the ceiling; then I drift off. My eyes snap open, it’s morning again. I get dressed and eat breakfast. Opening my back door again, I gather the courage to go back to the shed. Making my way to the shed, I almost trip on a stone but manage to catch myself- stupid stone, I say under my breath. The door is wide open, I step inside but no-one is here. Out of nowhere, he appears in front of me. “Here are your flowers back”, he says handing me them. “Thank-you” I mumble. I take a closer look at his face- he looks weak? He slowly edges towards me and grasps my neck. “You smell very sweet~” I feel his breath against my neck. “Do you want to drink my blood?” I ask. What did I just say! His eyes switch to blood red. Using his 2 sharp teeth he bites into my neck and starts to drink. I wince. My head starts to feel dizzy and my vision goes blurry. A pair of arms grab my back then I black out…

The sun shines gently and I open my eyes and see the roof of the shed. Getting up I see him, he moves towards me. “Sorry, I didn’t want to make you pass out”, he says apologetically. “It’s ok”, I squeak. He comes even closer to me- our faces only inches apart. “Are you alright?” he asks. I turn my head down. He lifts my chin up- his finger freezing cold. “I'm fine”, I say without breaking eye contact. His eyes are coffee -coloured and bold and his inky hair flowing down his face. I blush.Wait- why am I blushing?! He gives a small smile and moves towards the side of the shed and pushes a door open. When was there a door? “Follow me”, he states. I shift next to him and we start to walk through a forest. Birds chirp in a delightful way and a redwood squirrel runs up the side of a tree. Juniper green leaves glimmer in the sun's rays but then we stop. Two people are stood in front of us. “Hey man” a white haired guy says. “Hey”, he responds. The other guy has brown hair and they all seem to be wearing black. Brown haired guy steps towards me. “Who’s this? , she smells sweet~”
, he says. “Leave her alone”, he replies. Maybe I should just go. I turn to leave but an arm grabs my wrist thrusting me behind him.

A strong smell of cologne fills my nose. “Seems you have a thing for this one”, the snow haired guy says. “Back off- we're leaving” , he says furiously. He drags me next to him and we head the other direction. Peering behind me, they both stare at me in the distance. I gulp. “Where are we going?”, I ask. “You’ll see~”, he replies softly. A few minutes later, we stop somewhere; my eyes glitter. I run through the field- the flowers brushing against my legs and then slump down. He sits down next to me. “Do you like it?” , he questions. “Yes, it’s so pretty!”, I exclaim. The sun shines upon us and his skin begins to sparkle. I give a small gasp. “Wow, you look so beautiful!”, I say staring at his glowing skin. “Am I?”, he asks. “Yes, very!”, I say amazed at his sparkling skin. I gaze around at the beauty of the field. He picks something up and places it in my hair- a pink tulip. I glance at him. “You're very gorgeous”, he says. I turn a pinkish colour. He takes my hand with his ice-cold ones and holds it- I turn even more pink. He laughs and I smile at him. We both lay down and stare into the ocean blue sky, the clouds streak the sky with white wisps, this feels like a dream.

© XLittle_WriterX