The bride's murderer || part 2: All are suspicious ||
NEWS: Breaking news, one new crime has been reported in our town It's sad to think, but this is the third recorded murder in our area that has not yet been solved by the police.

I slightly punched the table in front of me while turning off the TV before sighing, but then after a minute someone knocked on the door, I held my senses before staring at the door for a moment then spoke

"Come in!" I said to whom outside, and it was Simon he saluted me first

I tried to calm down myself when Simon entered into my office and if I'm not yet told to sit down, he will just remain standing straight, I sighs because of his obsidians.

He sat down then we started our conversation

"How's your job? Has any information been gathered?" He sat properly while handing me the plastic envelope with the documents inside,

"I got that from Ms.Mia's parents'house I also found out that Ms. Mia has a boyfriend his name is Clark they're together in almost 7 years and are planning to get married in the future" Simon explanation

I continued looking at the documents and then I saw a picture of a guy, Yeah this guy is definitely her boyfriend my instincts were right.

Behind the picture I saw a letter so I immediately took it and I looked at it for a second while reading what's written outside

"To my Mia? So this letter was definitely from his boyfriend Clark" I opened the letter full of curiosity then I read it, I was stunned after I read the message

"What the h*ll why did Clark give this to Ms. Mia? Wait, who gave it to you?" I ask him

"Mmh no one gave it to me sir, I just found it on Ms. Mia's bed is hidden by a pillow, so I took it maybe it can be considered as evidence? But how was it sir, is it helpful? " He asked me back I pounded my two fists lightly on the table which was surprising him

"This is terrible! If Clark was innocent, then why did he give a threatening letter to Ms. Mia?" I sigh while shaking my head repeatedly this threatening letter was also found on the two recent crimes, means my instincts are right again I think Mr.Clark is the one who killed those two victims

"Another thing sir, I just noticed when I went to Ms. Mia's parents house that they seemed fine even though their daughter died" He continued

"When you arrive at Ms. Mia's house who else is in the house besides her parents?" I ask curiously

"Ammm she had a younger sister and her parents said that she was sick I think she's around 19 years old and they had subordinates" He said

"Ms.Mia's younger sister is sick?" I confidently ask while looking at the letter again then read it loud

The letter said:
Dear my mia I'm sorry for not protecting you to my boss and his friend, I know that you're just being constrained because of your sister I know that you're suffering so much so that forgive me, I just want you to be happy and escape to that kind of consequences they done. I love you you know that I'll do everything to keep you safe.

Love Clark

"So it means Mr Clark was the one behind this?" Simon ask

"Tsk! But Mr. Clark said that there were some people also involved, maybe they're the one who commanded Mr. Clark to kill! Nevermind just continue gathering information on that house and also I need ms. Mia's family statements as soon as possible!" I said and he nodded

Then we stopped our conversation when Eliazar suddenly appeared on the door, both Simon and I stared at him and he swallowed when he looked at me because he realized that he did not knock on the door first before entering and maybe because of the way I gazed at him, he knows that I hate that kind of attitude.

He suddenly got back outside the door and did 3 knocks on the door before he opened it again while smiling at us. Simon seems to laugh because of what Eliazar did. He had this kind of sense of humor ever since he became one of my team members.

I just sigh while sitting on my swevel chair and let him start talking about the job that I assign to him he sat down next to Simon and said

"Sir I have bad and good news to tell you sir" He started while I suddenly frowned my eyebrows and asked

To be continued.....
© Mika