Its a girl, again!
"It's a girl! "
The doctor gushed, placing the wailing infant on the woman's chest.
She heaved trying to catch her breath in the aftermath of her gruelling labour. Tears of pain mingled briefly with tears of joy before dissolving into tears of sadness.
She had once again given birth to a girl! Her third daughter. What would her husband and in-laws do to her now?...
She was on her delivery bed looking all pale like someone who's lost a child. There was innate sadness written all over her countenance.
As wellwishers troop in to greet her with celebration songs of her new birthed daughter, all she could muster was a nodded thanks. She knew what was up ahead! Sadness filled her heart instead of joy.
Her husband had just been informed of the news and he's all ecstatic and rushing down from work to felicitate with his wife - he doesn't know yet the sex of the child.
Her husband gets there and a neighbor ran and hugged him with a congratulations on earning another bride price. He then paused and asked angrily if the new born was a girl???
He finds out and and immediately screamed "again, another girl again!"
He immediately rang his parents who too have been waiting to hear news of the new born. When he broke the news they went gloomy and speechless like it was a sad news. Before now, they had been pressuring their son to get another wife to birth him male children, which he's been considering...
Her husband finally walks into the clinic where his wife was resting and tells her; "don't come home, I'm done with our marriage. You can't give me male children. I'll serve you divorce papers at your parents."
He couldn't even look at the child, he left hurriedly and went away muttering despicable words.
The confused wife laying down on her bed began crying profusely and asking to die saying she's tired of everything, and where will she go from here?
The joyfulness of a new child had turned into sadness in twinkle of an eye. Everyone was dead quiet, nerves were all over, emotions was boiling and tears dripping.
It was an unbelievably sad moment.

© jk writes!