Lily for the Rat.
I found this information interesting, and thought it will be nice to share it here, if any one takes interest in Chinese zodiac, this is for you.
I will try to post for each zodiac if possible.

The first sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle, Rat is known for being extremely sociable and understanding. People belonging to this sign love being around others and have a great understanding of human nature. They are quick-witted and clever owing to which they amass huge wealth in their professional endeavours.

Lucky flower: Lily

The sign’s lucky flower is lily, which has been associated with love, devotion, fertility, and purity. Ranging from white and red to pink and orange hues, the flower represents rebirth and fertility since time immemorial.

There are several reasons why lilies should be planted in the house. They purify the air, promote peaceful sleep, and are known to eliminate harmful radiation emanating from gadgets in addition to being low-maintenance.