target compass

target compass

One day, I was at work normally, and I was thinking about an important deal, and suddenly the light went out

And a compass appeared in the darkness, and it used to light up and turn off like this, and on each letter of the compass there was a personality from within me, and a story I stepped on the first letter, and the world changed, and I found myself in another place, and I found myself becoming a different person, but at the same time, I see myself and do not know what to do

The first story was that I was a student and I was studying the things I had tomorrow, and suddenly the light cut off. So what should I do? I have an exam tomorrow. What should I do? I found myself in the exam not knowing how to solve anything.

The compass of the goal I said it out loud, the compass of the goal, to some extent, I found people looking at me with astonishment, and suddenly I found myself back again while I was studying, and I found the light, and I studied and went to the exam and finished, okay, okay, I want to go back to my original lifeWell, what made me step on the compass? Well, I'm thinking of saying the compass of the goal four times on the basis of the compass, it has 4 things.

I found myself in the same room again as I am in, and nothing changed, and it was the second character that I am in now, and the second story is that I finish the deal that I am in now quickly

I see it because I got the laptop and kept looking for the things that were supposed to be the deal, and suddenly I found myself talking with the manager of the deal, and I was losing the deal and they kept laughing at me. I kept saying the compass of the goal, nothing has changed, and suddenly I found something in my pocket.

The same place of the company also came, and I came back an hour before they were, and I sat searching and finishing reports on the deal, and I kept focusing very rigid until I finished the research and the things that I was supposed to finish during the meeting, but this time I took the deal and they sat insulting me, I won't forget, and they were exactly an hour's worth, they were laughing

I will not step over again, but I found myself angry with myself. I did it with good health, because the fourth rule is well, I forgot about the 3 that passed.

I found myself suddenly, the world changed, and I found myself after 10 years, and I was dismissed from work, after I remained the manager, I was dismissing him without guilt. Neither is the air until I get an idea

The compass I brought a sheet of paper that was on the desk and drew on it, and I drew it, and suddenly I turned to myself after 10 years and returned it to work.
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