Flow through infinity
This reality is a gatekeeper to a certain story with elements and Grammar in I quote, life itself is a treasure to open with a key to find a new discovery, Turn the page and welcome a new era of events to unfold.

Behind closed doors nothing that seems struck by illusion false came to its image pleasure by grace or its opposite counterpart through the day and night welcoming infinity flowing like a river with crystal color.

As for lighting fireworks in the sky or watching sports on TV bound by laws we can't oppose the length it goes. New things are still out there looking for a new meaning to evaporate unwrap gifts for a sense of happiness.

Jump through different dimensions to cultivate the universe, a stepping stone to pass by time falling down only seeing life and death sequence by a big garden with a bunch of flowers and a sweet smell of honey circulating a unique aroma scattered across the multiverse ionizing its savior.