Rise Up Empire Of Humans
Write a story based on this famous excerpt from Angels & Demons by Dan Brown:

Science tells me God must exist. My mind tells me I will never understand God. And my heart tells me I am not meant to.
Thousands of years ago There used to be a mysterious civilization on earth.Which was completely different from today's world.
There was a big city nestled between four hills.There was another big wall around the city which was very strong.There was a big door to go under in the city, which was very beautiful and made of gold.City name is Aarong. The market here was very big but people lived very scared because here The God who gave power to Angels for ruled on the Aarong City. And Angels used to treat humans as slaves.
One day there was a war between the demons and Angels. Angels defeated the demons and imprisoned the king of demons and kept the entire demon family in captivity.
Engels began to persecute the family of Demon, who was imprisoned. In the middle of demons and angels, humans started feeling uneasy.
Angels also imprisoned some humans who did not want to enslave Angels.In which one was named Shastra , He used to speak about slavery to all human beings and wanted to end the cruelty of Angels.
Angels were celebrating victory, then the second and both the demon king and the Shastra met for the first time.
Some Angels who were against the celebration did not attend the celebration.
The demon king instigates Shastra against Angels and says that if humans support, they will all be free from slavery.
Gradually friendship between Shastra and the demon king grows but the demon King was just using Shastra.
One night, both of them broke the prison and freed all the prisoners and attacked Angels castle.
Angels came to know that both humans and demons are going to attack together.
Angels knew that the power of demons increased that night, So in Angels, God asked for help, but in return for help God said that I had sent you to protect humans,But you all enslaved humans and you did not show mercy to the demons who were defeated. Take the whole family of demons captive, you have to pay the price for the torture you have committed. I know what I have to do to maintain the balance of the earth.

Angels get no help from God and slowly he loses the battle, but the demon king also gets cheated by Shastra,Because he didn't want to enslave the demons after Angels.
Shastra made humans so fearless that all the demons started to drive away.
Humans have achieved independence, but that fight continued with Demons.
Even today people say that the Shastra was a messenger sent by God, so why did God send Angels to the earth.

We don't know Who is God Actually and Why, how, what he does, but what God does remains a mystery.

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