Random facts about sekido and aizestu, urogi, karaku no zohakuten
His trama is from being r@pied idk how to spell it
He is a demon from demon slayer
He is sometimes angry not all the time
He uses a staff in fighting

He is a demon who loves reading
He loves his brothers
He will sometimes cry over sad things
He uses a yari or a staf to fight it has three spickes

He crys because he left his eyes off sekido and sekido got you know i said ot in his fact
He cares for his siblings

Everyday he will male up a joke pr play a prank
He loves birds
He loves jumping in trees

and demon can not walk in the sun. I am just writing Random facts about them soooooo idk what else oh and urogi all ways loved sunrises but he hides to not get. Burnt by the sun in the day time