Childhood trauma
Meet Maya bhist, a 25 years doctor , courageous , enthusiast and always eager to discover something new . Everyone knows her today , but there's something which she hid from rest of the world . "Whats the best way to break someone ? "
Well it goes straight that the antagonist being someone very close to you , as it was in the case of Maya . Her uncle Meher , he was her mother's cousin , still he was very close to bhist family.
He was with them since Maya was 4 years old , little Maya always loved being around him , but his intentions were different. He took advantage of this and one day he took Maya ,to a desolate farm without her mother's permission , he kissed her and touched her body , but he didn't stopped at this , he did this multiple times and even tried to touched her private parts . When Maya's mother asked Maya about where did she went , being a infant she spilled everything . Her mother didn't paid attention to what she said . Meher moved from the bhist family a couple of years later , but he used to visit them regularly. As Maya grew up to be a teenager, she could understand all the things that Maher did to her , but now she couldn't convey this to her family . Whenever Meher used to visit home , she used to hide from him . She was broken , shattered and alone , but she gathered her courage and decided to focus on her future and finally her hardwork paid off and she was selected in a prestigious medical university . Years passed by she is 25 today , Meher stopped visiting bhist family completely, but there's fear in Maya's head , "What if he appears again ? "
Not only Maya hundreds of girls goes through this , but not anymore lets raise our voice towards this crime . We have to fight for our rights because no prince charming will gonna help us
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