Diverse into infinity
Life or death , mainly there's something out there worth seeking it's like a void that u can't escape from this void feels like u suffocating only going deeper down in able to breath while your lungs are getting hit like a punching bag, your eyes starts to drift off as u taking a endless nap that u can't wake up from, u think to yourself is this reality or simulation by the looks of it u gonna further down as it has infinite possibilities , there's only light above and darkness down like yin yang u intercept between both u realize something that is good and evil don't exist in a world made up to a fake reality that only u live in the people u see are fake they made move and talk like u but it's everything is fake , U try to make feel real but it's something that u didn't expect to go beyond your expectations lies in the center of the universe well by the government technology to perceive u into thinking that u live a Utopia but no it's your nightmare coming to lurk every corner step and form only want u to submit to their demands as if trap in a cage nowhere out to escape and the government throw away the key keeping u there as a plaything for their enjoyment to get what they want. Walking on a endless type rope waiting to get cut by scissors but will never happen to keep walking by the looks of it u see a light but when u reach the light it's only a illusion to u meet your Demise the end.

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