Hello everyone and welcome back( to those coming from the last stories) and a warm welcome (to those who are new), so continuing my story always involving percentages, I will continue from where i left, so I just scored in 1st semester of my class 12th and now it was the time to start preparing for the 2nd semester which weren’t going to be that easy, so i set myself to prepare for the same with more power as classes were fully offline now and now everyone was serious as many of them performed very bad in the 1st semester and now it was to work harder as 1st semester results will be influential in final results so the whole class was in rythm now, as to score good and so was i, my intensity to study increased, I used to go to school and then come back home and then head towards physics and maths tuition( I left the chemistry one as I scored less in chemistry in 1st sem. and I decided to exclude it from the best 4 system of calculating % ), I studied day and night and then it was the battle time I gave my best in exams, but as in 10th I again gained a little bit of confidence, there were 3 section in maths paper out of which I had attempt first and then choose among the other two, 2nd was hard and 3rd was easy, and I decided to attempt 2nd before exam and didn’t even bother to study the 3rd one but in exam one of the question in the 2nd section came from what I didn’t even studied yet( as I had tutor who used to teach us from CBSE book and being from ICSE board I had some difference in my syllabus ) so I somewhat ruined my chance of scoring 100/100 in mathematics, but yeah I scored 92% overall excluding chemistry( eventhough I scored 87 in it too), my parents didn’t believe in it my father specially calculated it 2-3 times as to come over any mistake and then I was supppppperproud of myself and it was the first time I felt so much proud of myself, that I cannot express it anywhere.

And thus a part of my life( very dear one) comes to an end here and i wish everyone leaves any stage of his life with getting himself/herself superproud.

In the end i'd only say that YOU ARE NOT UNIQUE BUT DIFFERENT...

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