Starry Night

It all started in the month of May. A burning urge to go out for trekking just to relax. But it was stopped due to this Pandemic. Out in Paris, people stayed in home.

Perel's urge to leave the house was shattered.

Bryan, her closest friend rang her to know how she is. She expressed her feeling to go for trekking. Bryan asked her to have patience, she couldn't resist it.

One fine evening Perel walked out of her house to breathe fresh air but she did not know that this will be the last fresh air she'll be breathing.

Out of nowhere she caught cold and was hospitalized. It is the cost of Perel not being able to control her urge. This virus affected her respiratory system very badly.

Bryan knowing about Perel's condition rushed to hospital. He came to know that she is not going to make it. This broke him into pieces. Bryan met Perel, looking at her pathetic condition with tubes all over her, he broke out into tears.

Perel is an enthusiastic girl who gives all her energy into whatever she does. She supports others when she doesn't have anything. She is a 'Bright' student in school. She's fondly called as 'Perel the Bright'.

Bryan is her childhood friend. She grew up in his house, as she lost her family in an accident. Later, moving to College, Perel became independent, found a separate house for her and worked hours to support her studies. Bryan is her only pillar. They both shared every moments of life, happy or sad. Bryan fulfilled all of her wishes.

Back in hospital, Perel looked into the eyes of Bryan with a grateful heart with tears welling up. She came to know that she is not going to make this fight. She gave up on herself for the very first time in her life. But one thing that disturbed her is that she wants to go for trekking for the very last time.

Knowing her wish, Bryan brought her home and took care of her. One fine day Bryan surprised her by telling that they're going for trekking to fulfil her wish. Perel being sick Bryan took her in a car to the spot of where she wants to trek. They reached their spot in the evening. Looking at how Sun sets Perel thought to herself that she is also going to set down as this Sun but not going to rise again.

They both trekked a small hill. Reaching the top Bryan set up their spot by spreading the blanket. They took out their snacks and drinks to enjoy the eve. Perel spoke about how she enjoyed the days with him that he had not made her think about her dead parents. They both lay down on the blanket.

The sky above them shined with thousands of stars as the diamonds are sprinkled out on a blank black sheet. It was a Starry Night that she wants to enjoy. Perel had a feeling of fulfilment in her. She was smiling widely. Bryan found a new star twinkling above.

When he asked Perel to look at it she was still smiling. But, smiling with no life in her. Bryan found that the new star is none other than Perel. He screamed out and prayed that he want her back. But, she is gone, gone forever.

Every year, on this same day Bryan treks to this place all alone and spends the night with a feeling that 'Perel the Bright' is shining above him brightly amidst millions of star and making his night a Starry Night.

© Priscilla