Life is an unsolved riddle; at each stage of life, new mysteries emerge.

Hey! Do you want to go outside? Akari said in a smooth voice, "I can't, I have to finish my work." I responded in a quiet tone. She interrupted and added, "You can do it later, we don't get games all the time, so let's use it wisely."
I had no choice but to accompany her; we sat on a seat outside the classroom, and while everyone was playing on the ground, I was playing with words in my head.

It has been three days since the incident, and I can still see her face in my eyes, how terrified she was when she saw that man.
He was 6 feet tall, had a huge figure, a beard and sunglasses, light fair skin, and was dressed in a grey suit. He resembled a Mafia member. He pretended to be Akari's relative and took her home with him. The following day, she said nothing about the incident and continued to behave normally. Each and every day she is becoming more mysterious and I'm getting curious to know her "the unsolved mystery". I still remember that day once i found her bag with full of medicine some were anti depressed pills, I even doubt that is she a drug dealer or a drug addict, but I didn't said anything about that maybe she is not well. It's been a long time since I've known her, but I still don't know much about her other than her name; it's ironic that we are now so close but so far.

I broke the silence and said,
you never told me anything about you and your family. She kept quiet for a moment and said " I don't have anything interesting things to say".
(I don't know what should I say, should I ask her more or should I let it be, I thought she might not comfortable to say anything about her, so I decided to let it go) I replied her it's okay maybe next time.
The bell rang time to go home we said goodbye but she was still with me (thoughts about her).

Since that day, my fever has not cooled down, and it has been four days. When you are unwell, you tend to overthink; you do not only become physically weak, but also mentally weak. I've always been a pessimistic thinker; I rarely think about positivity, which may explain why I perceive the world as an ugly face. It's not that I haven't tried to improve myself, but how can I change myself if I can't alter my mind? I heard someone hammering on my door (knock! knock! I stood up and grabbed for the door; I opened it, and it was Akari. I was surprised to see her; I was not expecting her to be here at my house to come for a visit. She said hello with a flushing face, and I said, "Hey, come in."

J - Sorry room is quite messy!

Akari - No, don't worry it's fine! by the way how are you? I heard from teacher that you aren't well and you haven't showed up at school for 4 days so I asked our teacher for your address.

J - oh! so she told you about me, don't worry I'm recovering will be at school soon.

Akari - It appears that you read a lot of books, as your room is loaded with them, hehe!
(She carefully looked over the room and saw a table with paper and a pen, as well as the novel that I was attempting to write.) Hey! Do you write, too?!

J - Yes! But only on occasion when I'm in the mood, and I've recently been working on a novel called "THE CAGE".

Akari - Wow! That's fantastic! Would you like to give me something to read after you're done?

J: Sure! I'd love to.

While we were talking, I noticed a scars on her left hand that she had acquired from a childhood occurrence, but it was no longer there, as if she had never had a scars in her life.

I became curious and questioned her, "Your left hand is clean, where have your scars vanished?"
What are you saying? I've never had any scars on my body, she said in a painful tone.
"No! There used to be, and you told me about it when you first joined. Hey, aren't you hiding something from me? I saw you had an accident and died, and who was that guy who claimed to be your relative? You must tell me everything.

After staying quiet for 5mins she finally said Okay! fine! I'll tell you everything: I'm not Akari; I'm her twin sister.

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