Betrayed love
Episode 1 cheater
Anna leaves is about to leave her office she meets her boss Mr Sam "you are leaving already I thought you will stay and do some more or you have other things to do at home"yes alot sir have ......"I get it u may go I will tell Selina and Kyle to do it"she thanks him and leaves on getting home she sees the underwear of a woman which she knew wasn't her's she gets closer to her room and hears the moaning of a woman she enters the room quietly and sees her husband and her best friend Veera playing love on her matrimonial bed she crys and leaves and calls her mother-in-law about what she saw and she (mother in law) tells her to come home she quickly gets the clothes she could get and leaves her husband was a cheater so she decides to block him on her phone so that he call her she goes to her mother in law's house and tells her the full story of the cheater
Episode 2 (pregnant)
and she (Mother in law) tells her to freshen up and prepare a nice food to eat and she is about to go inside when her husband calls his mother she is about to cry when she runs to the corner of the house to throw up her mother in law decides to take her to the doctor to find out what was wrong with her in the hospital she finds out that she was pregnant and she starts crying infront of the female doctor (Cherish ) who asks her why she
was crying but she doesn't reply so Anna tells her "miss cherish I will like to have your phone number (wipes her tears) just in case "she leaves the ward and tells her mother in law she is pregnant her mother in law tells her to tell her husband" James"she starts crying again she goes home with her mother in law who tells her to call him husband she unblocks him and calls he answers saying"where have you been I have been trying to call you I have been looking for you "she hissed and tells him am pregnant and I am coming home she said .
She gets home and see him at the door and he tries to embrace her but she pushes him to a side she enters the house James in shock to his wife action stood outside she sits and shouts "James come and get me something to eat quickly don't waste my time I am hungry"he enters goes to the kitchen and gets her food to eat
Episode 3 divorce
Anna started bossing James around, she would go out and come back and James will serve her food as she thought that she was making James pay he was planning to disgrace her after their child will be born to the world but James outside love Anna's bestie had other plans James decided to cheat infront of Anna but that night a heavy storm started so they had to stay in the house James was told by pregnant Anna to get water and he did but he came back with the glass of water and threw it on Anna's face and started going upstairs Anna went to him and shouted what's your problem then he pushed her down the stairs and this endangered her 5months old child then James rushes her to the hospital and she gets to the hospital but it was too late her baby was dead she cried bitterly then she divorced James with an alimony of 5 billion James was poor and suffered his lover ran away but he didn't live Anna he sent Anna a message to go to the nearest valley and she went to the the valley and he from back pushed her and she fell to her death with her last words betrayed love James wanted to live but he slipped and fell to his own death

That is how Anna died and how she was a victim of betrayed love