chapter 4 - New Friends
When I woke up I didn't keep my eyes closed. I opened them and looked around. In the room I saw all my things like my plushie cat and on it was the necklace flame gave to me when I first arrived to the playroom. I took the necklace and placed it around my neck. I grabbed my plushie cat and hugged it. I looked back at the playroom window. It still had the blinds down. I went back to the corner and sat there bored and sad. I closed my eyes for a bit imagining different things.

Then I heard the door open. I opened an eye and saw the nurse coming towards me. She grabbed my arm and put bandages on my arm and on my face. Then she left. I closed my eyes again and kept on imagining. Then I fell asleep again. Then I heard the door opening again. I opened my eyes and I saw guards. I then transformed into lynx form and got ready for anything. The guards didn't come in, but they looked like they had something with them. They threw in two boys and the boys hit the wall. One said "watch it. We're get you back for throwing us.“ the other boy looked at me trying to get the other's attention.

"Uh shadow I think we have a problem.” he said.

"X I told you hold on.“ the other said

"Okay, but I think you may need to look at it though.”

"X what is it!“ he said as he turned his head towards me. "Oh gosh stay here I deal with this animal.” when he said that I turned and went back to the corner. The boy got closer, but I didn't care. I transformed back into my human form and grabbed my cat plushie.

The boy stopped and said "Oh sorry I didn't mean to scare you mam. I thought you were a threat to me and my brother. My name is Shadow and over there is X which is short for EXE. So what is your name?“ I didn't reply.

“Not much of a talker are you? Well that's okay we're new to you, so you don't know if you could trust us.“

Then the other boy named X said "Hey do you know why me and Shadow are both here?” I nodded my head, I did want to know why they were placed here.

"Okay so, me and Shadow come back from a trial, then our oldest sibling pushed us out the door towards the guards. So the guards brought us here, but we fought them back.“ he said in a calm but angry way.

Then the boy named Shadow said "So why are you here?”

"Okay if you really want to know.“ I said calmly.

”Yes please, we want to know!“ both of them said in usion.

I told them about my battle with my older sister, what happened when the guards took me away from her, and I told them about the betrayal from flame. When I finished they both looked at me in shock. Both of them said nothing about it. Then I heard the playroom door open and I saw flame on leash walk out. I transformed into lynx form and started to stand on all fours. I waited by the door, because the guards stopped at my door. They put on a leash and muzzle then took me out the door. Flame's leash was being held by the other guard, which was a good thing because flame tried to get close to me, but the guard kept on pulling him back. Then we stopped at the huge white door. It opened, we were let off leash and muzzle. Then we went in.

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