you'll be fine
you might feel overwhelmed, everything may seem different, you have to get used to it ,there are times when you just wanna spend time with yourself ,and that's okay ,being alone is not that bad ,there are positive things about that ,in life exist ups and downs and when you don't know how to deal with that ,follow your heart ,spend time alone ,walk alone ,listen to music ,watch movies about things you like ,sing to yourself, read books about things you are interested .
we all get worried so much ,it's not the end ,if you need to move away ,even I have thought about it ,but on the other side, in this life people love us ,people get away sometimes and that's okay ,go away a time or forever if you need that.
honestly if that person don't want to spend time with you ,that's not love ,don't ask too much ,is better being alone.
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