The Amulet: Part 1
Jake: Okay, here is the game plan. We go to Alabama. That's where the Amulet of Death and Life is. We sneak over the walls and we grab the amulet, making sure that no one springs the traps. Since I used to be a protector of it, I know where all the traps are. Then, one that's done, Emma, you run through the doors, which will set off the alarm. That will give us a chance to escape and we will meet you at the Gates of Thalmond. And boom, we bring back Salphina. It's simple, if everyone sticks to the plan.

Sophie:But how do you know this will work. Even when we climb the walls, won't the guards see us?

Jake:The invisible bracelets can only be used once, so we will use that to get in and that's why we need Emma to make the distraction to get us out.

Emma: Jake, you know I'm not that fast. What if they catch me?

Jake: That's where Dom comes in. Dom, you're going to go with Emma since you are fast and strong. If she gets caught, you fight your way to her and free her from them. Then go to the Gates.


So the team makes their way to Alabama, and they see the huge wall surrounding the palace with the amulet.

Jake: Alright, if we stick to the plan, everything should go well.

Dom: Why are we doing this again? I know it's to re-live the Master's wife, but he treats us poorly and doesn't want us around.

Jake: That's why we are doing this, so that way, if we can get Salphina back to him, then he will spend time with his beloved wife and not want to harm us because he doesn't like hurting a fly when Salphina is around. So that will give us a chance to escape from him too!

Dom: Alright, let's do this. Put your hands in if you're with me.

Everyone:*Puts hand in*

Jake: 1! 2! 3!

Everyone: For the Master!!

So everyone put on their invisibility bracelets and headed for the walls. Little did they know what was to come next.