Gone Are The Days
I can never forget the joyous days of my childhood, especially the summer when all we did was swim in the river or lie on it's edge, not even the times I ran with pot on the street with my senior brother because food or is it the days when we normally play under the sun.
My childhood days was never indeed bored, I could remember following masquerade forgetting the time my Father will return from work and ending up being beaten to pop, can't forget the days when I read my Father's motorcycle sound like a book.
It was such a fun to drive tyre round the street naked, without having to care about who is looking at me, I can never forget letter Q being the reason why I'm being beaten, gone are the days when I dose up on the chair with my hands on it firm.
My childhood days is a cruise, I would never forget offering the girl I dote on 5naira, I never forget almost blinding a girl who called me "husband", I would never ever forget hunting with my brothers, I can't forget jumping on the trees like monkies, nor the days couldn't call Daddy properly..
My childhood days will forever be a waste if I have no memories of the past days...

© Aniedi Victor David