Money 🦾
Life does not happen the way we want it to, we just want it to happen .....The future is the same, the future is not what we thought it would be..... no one can stop what is happening, no one can ask about what is not going to happen ...... this is life....... We do not get what we like with our minds .......Whose life is ours, we wander around thinking of love until we know the responsibility, once we know the responsibilities, love will go away and we will start thinking about money...Everything in this world is associated with money .......If you start making money you will gain respect and if you do not make money you will have no respect ........ There is no respect for people here there is respect for money So make crores of money as much as possible, all that are under your toes.......earn more money as much as possible,all your surroundings people respect under your foot🤙