The Hospital Night Series - 5
Father - I am asking you for the sake of God What is your name?

Boy is unevenly bending his body. His foot are touching his head from behind back. He is spiting out black liquid, his eyes balls are turning deep black. He is roaring in adult voice and suddenly eveything become still. Temperature of room is turning down ; everyone knows that this silence is the indication of upcoming terror.

After few seconds boy speaks something in horrible adut voice.

Boy : Hlo pastor Rollin. I know you are in hurry . I am giving you a chance to go back and leave this chamber otherwise I you get late then your mistress ( the boy smirk and untie himself) who is waiting for you like a slut.
Pastor intrupt him by increasing his prayers voice. Then this horrible toddler jump on his neck and twist it 180 degree .

All other souls present at that time is shaken from inside after watching this scene.
The pastor's assistant make his last try . He pull the boy in his hand while chanting his prayers. He signal remaining humans existing in that room to hold the child.

And Four man come in front , hold boy from his arms and legs. He cried loudly by putting his cross over child's head, What is your name.

At last the boy also shouted loudly .......
Astaroth , the great Duke of hell.
When that father listen to this name his get shaken and weak. He realized how much powerful is this demon and he has possessed a boy. Many answers he get after hearing this name. Know he understand why this demon has choose this boy and at this age.

Without any doubt demon is very clever. Once the father get lost in his thoughts he grab that chance and use his power. He make every single thing present in that room to move. And he released himself from that four weak bodies ,and stand up on the bed and levitate that God person by holding him from his neck.

But father doesn't give up he trick demon which is very risky and throw his diary towards a doctor . Then the doctor take some holy water which he always carried in a small bottle and put some drop on that demon. That devil becomes angry threw that father out for the window and could not bear the power of that pure water and get faint.

The father is died because he was drawn in such a force that he landed on metal fencing.......

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