Inspirational Movie "Dost"
Today I just want share my experience of Bollywood old movie "Dost".
I like old movies, There are many films that inspire us, and such films are "Dost".
It was 12:30 when I saw the movie, Movie starting and first song of movie the scenes of the train come out tunnel and the song start , can you imagine this song about life .
"Gaadi bula rahi hey , siti baja rahi hey,
chalna to zindagi hey, chalti hi ja rahi hey,
dekho woh rail, baccho ka khel ,
sikho sabak javaano,
sar pe he bojh, sine me aag, lab pe dhuva he jaano,
phir bhi ye gaa rahi hey, nagame suna rahi hey"
In this song such great meaning of life and The movie also inspiring to me , A person who is truthful always has trouble in his life, but he never gives up.
My advice just watch this movie in life one time you can't forget the experience.

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