Midnight Fastfood

(1000 words)

"Frank's Diner"

My eyes lingers on the old antique board that hangs above the shop with dark curved letters.

The derelict shop squatted behind the two rusted street lamps along with a huge tree.The windows were covered up with smudges that had not been cleaned for years ,coating the windows like a thick velvet cover.The old and moldy front door that had just accelerated decaying seemed
monstrous and by the side stands a weird spooky dirty rabbit mascot.It was halloween but this shop had no decorations nor lights.

I wonder why..

I was on my way to collect my own treats since I was abandoned.I wanted to join cassie and her friends to go trick or treat all around the street but they just baited me and my pop tart costume.After pushing me into the muddy puddle,ruining my dress and mocking at me for about minutes they left when they got tried of me.

Now,I was here to swine on some burgers and french fries on my way.I had been craving for burgers.The legends said that Frank's diner that was open 24 hours in our town had a cursed mascot but I trusted those were only ancient tales and nothing much.

My stomach grumbles again.

I flinch when a cold chill breeze touches my bruise on my forearm and sends goosebumps along my skin.

Someting feels weird..

Shaking my thoughts away I stride while the dirty rabbit mascot's intense gaze on me like a hawk sends chills down my spine.


The rabbit mascot appeared creepy,more scary and realistic.

It has a dirty white fur and wears a red arm cut coat.It has wide and scary big azure eyes with light green rims that provoked the fear inside me.

The same pale blue colour covers around its eyes like dark circles and it has long carnivorous teeth that seemed very disgustingly unclean almost pearl white turned into dirty brown.

Why does that want to stare at me like that?...

I felt uncomfortable under it's indignantly fixed glare.

Long skinny bone fingers with nails blackened with dirt and fur lost in its place appears to be creepy sends chills down my spine.The feet had no fur but very long awry nails.The mascot stands in a position just like it's going to attack me at any moment.

Panic ceasing me,avoiding to stare any future upon the diry rabbit mascot I avert my glare and enter in while the bell pings,notifying the people inside the shop that they had a new customer.

A pungent of musky smell of cheese hits into my nostrils as soon as I enter. The shop is dark under the yellow hue light and empty except tables and chairs.There were few left overs of food on two or three tables which some insects were feeding on.

I cringe when a rat scurried under the counter table beside me passing my leg .

A haze of dust permeated the room.

My stomach grumbles again and I groan.

I'm seriously craving for a cheese burger now...

Exploring my eyes around the shop I find no waitress nor any customer. I feel that like I'm the only one in here.

"Anyone here?"I ask in a high pitch tone.

No answer..


The surrounding is irenic covered with soberness and the intense calmness pricks my anxiety.

Where are everyone gone?..

Why this place seems empty and mostly like abandoned?..

I glance around and decide to leave even though my stomach started secreting gastric juices.

With a heavy sigh I avert to leave when the sudden baam of the door shut
makes me flinch.

I cease my eyebrows and frown when I see the dirty rabbit mascot stands in front of me dripping with drooling saliva and its azure eyes turned into flaming red.

"You shouldn't have entered Sammie.."I wide open my eyes terrified when the dirty rabbit mascot growls in a rough and gruesome tone.

How did it know my name?..

I stand numb my eyes and my mouth frozen wide open in an expression of stunned astonishment.

My heart starts pounding harder against my ribcage.Panic ceases me shivers running down my spine,my blood running cold.Every part of me goes on pause while my thoughts catch up.

Adrenaline floods my system,pure terror surging through my veins when the rabbit mascot smirks wide showing out all of its blackened dirty teeth.

Right now I regret coming here knowing the legends said that the mascot that welcomes you to Frank's Diner was cursed.

And now I believe that I had intended to trust as tales were true.

Darkness washes over me sending shivers down my spine.

"Arrrrrhhh..."the dirty rabbit mascot roars in a horrifying tone and I stare dread my feet numb and brain shut off.

The spooky rabbit shuffles towards me
chattering its teeth terrifyingly.

Anxiety and panic overwhelming me with fear,I barricaded turning myself and force my feets to run toward the only door that I find inside the diner except the entrance without hesitating.

I pledged it to be the exit...

The scary rabbit mascot chases behind me roaring and growling.

Immediately forcing myself on action I pull the door knob open and keep my foot on the empty space where there's no floor at all and too late to regret I fall into the deep pit of creamy,goovy cheese pond screaming.

I lift my gaze afraid my whole body stucked in the sticky yellow fluid,hardly unable to pull myself out.

The rabbit mascot explodes into a wicked evil laughter and stares at me from the door.

Dreadfully terrified I see it smirk.

"Have fun with the cheesy feast!"it says in its horrifying tone and shuts the door.

My blood turns cold and body goes numb ,my heart almost trying to explode when I see thousands of tiny burger monsters with carnivorous teeth shuffle towards me from the sticky cheese pit with their spooky tiny eyes on me.

© Hazma Razak