Away in Battlefield
"You may be ocean's away but feels so close", take a deep breath and write your thoughts about it in a story.

I wanted to spend a week away with you for our honey moon after our grand wedding ceremony,which we had waited. patiently for so long.But i had to bare the pain of watching you bid me goodbye few hours after our big day.

I was still in my stunning wedding dress looking like a Cinderella who had a crown and no where to go.Watching you in your combat boots and neat army outfit made me feel so protected but letting you be in the line of duty made my heart sink.

Everyday i woke up with mixed reaction,i knew you were a fierce fighter and so dedicated in protecting your country but also,disnt ignore that battlefield was a place where i could lose you forever or have a tyranny nursing wounds of war forever.

A phone call from you gave me either a new hope of seeing you back or getting the breaking news i didn't want to hear.I lept in joy everytime you told me of the tragic war stories you had survived and how close you were to coming home.

No matter the oceans and seas you were,you presence felt so close,i could feel your heart beat and the longing to be in your arms forever.I wanted to see you in your combat again,to hold a passionate fighter and a gentle lover forever.

© purity ndinda