Fading Stars and Silent Tears (Info)
"Fading Stars and Silent Tears" is a melancholic tale of love and loss set in the mystical land of Eloria, where two souls, Seraphina and Aurelius, find solace in each other amidst the shadows of their pasts, only to be torn apart by tragedy, leaving behind a haunting legacy of love and longing.

Seraphina - She is a girl that has some traumatic childhood and tries to find love, even tho she does not beleive in it anymore, due to what happened in her childhood, she hardly gives her trust, she got a few relationship who did not succeed

aurelius - A boy of has a desperate need for affection due to the lack of love he did not recieved, he still beleives in love, but hardly trust anybody...but something will change his life. Aurelius also did had his share of love story who did not actually succeeded...

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