Walking at the street while crying out loud.... it's after raining so the wind was cold but I felt the warm when it touch in my skin, my feeling so down seems like I'm gonna explode somehow... I remember that day when he left me, Not because he cheated on me, but because he passed away 2 weeks ago.

He called me 3 times but I didn't picked up co's I'm busy doing something that time... Now I regret everything, He needs me before but I ignored him so many times. And now I'm like a crazy person who checked my phone every single of time, Hoping that one day he called and I promise I pick it up. But then, my tears started to come out into my eyes and fell from my gloomy face while holding my breath and my phone in my hands as I walked at the street in a late at night.


"RINGGGGGGGGG" I quickly look at my phone expecting that it was ringing but not

"Where was it? Am I crazy?" I said to myself as I look around just to find where the hell was ringing then I stop my gazed at the dark corner of the street there's I heard the phone ringing but I only saw an old payphone.

I think suddenly no one uses that payphone because it's old and already broken but why the hell this is ringing so sudden? I don't know but I just walk near on it seems like there was something controlling my feet to walk alone then I just found myself standing in front of that payphone while staring at the telephone who was ringing

Without any hesitation, I pick up the call and stunned when I heard a familiar voices

"Hello love? What time do you come home? I prepared our dinner" I heard my boyfriend said

"Ge....Gelo?" The only words came out into my mouth as my tears fell down again

"Love? Are you ok? Why are you crying ha?" I don't know what exactly is going on but it seems like his still alive and I miss him so much I wanted to hug him tight

"Ge....Gelo? Where are you? Huhuhu"

"I'm at our house why? You know that I'm always here to prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner just like I promise that I will always taking care of you" I suddenly kneel down into the floor while crying

"I'm sorry.... Because I didn't appreciate your efforts before, if I know what the future is, I should be a good girlfriend to you huhu I didn't mean to ignore you love I'm sorry! Please come back into my life huhuhu"

"Love? Are you really ok? What's the matter, where are you? I'll pick you up!" He said and end the call so I panic

"He... hello love! No don't do this! Don't pick me up please huhu" I tried to call back by the payphone suddenly not working that's why I rush into our house but then I didn't overtook anything

No one else at the house it's dark and quiet so I turn on the light then I finally realize that it was an illusion gello will never come back again and this is all my fault.

If I wasn't drunk back then he won't pick me up and he wasn't got into a car accident, now I regret everything I did was wrong! I want to be with him I'm sorry.

News: One female student commit a suicide by jumping at the 13th floor of R&D apartment, the humour is she was still mourning because of his boyfriend's death

Meanwhile on the corner of the street where the old payphone is, In every 3 o'clock the telephone was ringing and even no one picked up the call, there's voices can hear on it saying.....

"Love why did you drunk so much? Next time I won't let you out with your friends!"

"Love wake up, you have a class right? It's already morning"

"Let's eat I cook all your favorite"

"Oh why you seem so sad? love I'm worried"

I stand up and walk towards him then I hug him tight

"I'm sorry for not appropriate your efforts before but I promise I'll always be there by your side now love just promise me too, you won't leave me again!" I said while my tears came out into my eyes but then I feel happy because of this chance given to me Actually I don't know exactly what happened but this is better now atleast I'm with him.

"Hey love when did I leave you mmh? ofcourse I won't leave you I promise" he hug me back.

© Mika