(Part 3)Amy Fox Mysterys and The robbery of the secret documents (to be continued..)(if you haven’t already, read part one and 2!)
Harmony and Jason both ordered barbeque bacon cheeseburgers. “Yum! You were right Jason; this burger is really good!!” Harmony exclaimed after taking a bite.  “I told you; these are the best burgers!” Jason exclaimed. “Well, I hate to admit it, but you were right!” Harmony said.  “So, do you have a job?” Harmony asked. “Yes, I work at a bakery,” Jason lied. “That’s awesome! I love going to bakeries! What is that bakery called?” “Well…uh… I used to work at that bakery. I got fired yesterday because my ex-girlfriend told my boss that I was extremely rude and gave her stale bread.” “Oh no! That is awful!” Then Harmony’s phone started ringing, and she said, “I have to take this and get going, but here is my number!” She wrote her number on a piece of paper gave it to Jason and left.
            “Hello,” Harmony said. “Hey Brooke, we need the info on the Fox family and their investigation. Did you find anything out yet? I know you were following Amy last time we spoke?” The man on the other side of the call asked. “Not yet, I need more time. There has been a change of plans!” Brooke (Harmony) said. “What kind of a change in plans? We need the info! We cannot afford to stay in the dark about what they are doing! If they find this document and then read it, we will have a whole lot more problems than we already have!” The man exclaimed.” “Don’t worry, I have a new boyfriend who just happens to be Amy’s brother and might just give me all the intel we need! I just need a bit of time, to get him to trust me! Also, I need my car to be registered under Harmony Craft,” Brooke said. “Perfect, but if you don’t have intel by next week this time you are going to be in big trouble!” The man on the other side of the call said and then hung up.
            Caleb sat on his bed in his room and read the Sherlock Holmes book. He finished it that day since he was stuck in his room and had nothing better to do. “I know I am not supposed to leave my room, but I must find out more about that girl I met in the library earlier! I am going to go back there now and ask the clerk if he knows her and find out some more information.” Caleb thought to himself. Caleb pumped up the volume of his music, locked his door, and climbed out his window.
            Jason had driven home and sat on his bed staring at the piece of paper with Harmony’s phone number on it, wondering what to say to her in his first text. “Hey, it’s Jason! It was fun having lunch with you today! Would you like to grab some coffee tomorrow?” Jason typed out. He sent the text and sat there waiting and waiting for the reply. “Why does Caleb always need to listen to such loud music,” thought Jason. He went over to Caleb’s room and banged on the door. “Turn down the music! Some of us want peace and quiet!” Jason shouted. Since he didn’t hear a response from Caleb, he assumed Caleb couldn’t hear him over the music and went back to his room.    
            Amy ran into the house and straight to Jason’s room. “Jason, I know you aren’t very happy with me right now since we argued earlier, but I need your help with something,” said Amy. “I am still mad but tell me and I will think about helping you if it really is urgent,” Jason said after letting out a long sigh. “I think a car was following me earlier on my way to the coffee shop, and I got some pictures of its’ license plate. Can you run the plate for me? I will buy you a caramel macchiato later if you do!” Amy asked. “I can never say no to a caramel macchiato! Can I see the pictures?” Jason replied. “I just texted you the pictures. Let me know when you are done. I am going to go get us both caramel macchiatos,” Amy said as she left the room and hopped in her car.
            Sophie Fox had grabbed her keys and driven to the jail. She was going to meet with Robby Banks, who was the primary suspect in the case. She pulled the car in front of the jai! and went inside. “I am here to see Robby Banks,” she said to the officer at the front. The officer led her through the metal detector, searched her bag, and led her to the interrogation room. “Wait here while we go fetch Robby,” said the officer as he left. A group of four officers brought Robby who was wearing handcuffs, into the interrogation room. “We will be fine in here alone, thank you, officers,” said Sophie. The officers left the room, and Robby sat there in silence. “Hi Robby, I am Sophie Fox. I am a detective and am looking into the case regarding the documents that were stolen. From what I have heard, you quit the same day that the documents were stolen. I can help you with your case, but I need to know the answer to three different questions. Is that ok?” Asked Sophie. “Yes, you can ask me your questions, but I first have two things to ask you. First, are the officers out there listening to our conversation through the camera? Second are you here to convict me of the crime, or to actually solve this case?” Robby asked quite harshly. “They are listening to our conversation, and I am here to actually solve this case,” Sophie said. “Then all I have to say is, this case is a lot bigger than you think. I will not talk to you if anyone else is listening. Officers, since you are listening in, please take me back to my cell!” Robby yelled. The officers took him out of the room and led him back to his cell. Sophie walked out of the jail and drove to his old office to look for any clues.
            Caleb rode his bike to the bookstore, to avoid his mom seeing his car missing. When he got to the bookstore, he first went back to the mystery section. There he saw a pair of keys on the floor. He picked up the keys and thought to himself, “I wonder if these keys belong to the girl I met earlier? If they are her keys, what are they for?” Caleb walked to the front desk to talk to the clerk. “Hey, how can I help you today?” Asked the clerk. “There was a girl wearing a hoodie in the mystery section this morning, does she come here regularly?” Caleb asked. “Yes, she does. She comes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and sometimes Saturdays at around 1 p.m. I saw you two talking earlier. You like her and that’s why you are asking, right?” Asked the clerk. “Maybe that’s true, or maybe I just want to be friends with her,” said Caleb as he walked out the door. He rode his bike home.
            Jason found a website online and searched for the plate number. While it was loading, he heard his phone buzz. He looked over at his phone and saw that Harmony had responded to his text. “Hey, Jason! I would love to have coffee tomorrow morning! What time did you want to meet?” Harmony asked. “We could meet at 9 am if that works for you?” Jason asked. “That’s perfect! I can’t wait!” Harmony responded. “See you tomorrow! I also can’t wait!” Jason replied. Just then, the results from the website came through. It said the car was registered to Harmony Craft.
            Amy arrived back home and came to Jason’s room. She gave him his coffee and asked him if the plate’s results had come back yet. “Yes, the results came back, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I know the owner of the car, and there is no way she would have been following you,” Jason said confidently. “How do you know her? Do you have a crush?” Amy asked. “I had lunch with her yesterday and am going to have coffee with her tomorrow. I am going to ask her to be my girlfriend!” Jason exclaimed while blushing. “That’s awesome! What is her name?” Amy asked. “Harmony Craft,” Jason replied. “Thanks again for the Caramel Macchiato,” said Jason. “Anytime!” Amy exclaimed. After a bit of thought, Amy realized that it was kind of weird that a car followed her, and then the person in that same car was dating her brother. Amy was about to tell Jason what she had realized, but then she decided he would have just been mad, so she didn’t bother to tell him.
© Stacy A Parker