The Real Self-Believe
Soo, I was repeatedly failed in my exams.
My marks were low as always and my attendance is also short. It's 3rd Feb 2024.
My PTM ( Parents Teacher Meeting) Went okay okay.. as I am failed in 2 subjects Accountancy and business studies. the fact here is that I gave my best in accountancy exam ( I only study before exam but I did alot!** I also studied out of syllabus lol** but never mind) I am thinking to give my best to get passed in class 11th. Session ending exams are going to start from 23rd Feb 2024.
I'll give my best and will tell you a way from how you will also like me will achieve whatever you wanted to in life.
I'm going to repeat this every night from now ( the concept of repeating it every night is because when I didn't studied that specific day I'll remember why I started this all.. and will from that point no matter if it's 3AM in the morning or 9 PM I'll study.) :

" Himmat hai mujh mai
Uche pahado se bhi takra jauga,
Kya hua agar abhi nhi hu itna buland,
Tum bus aage dhekho mai kya kya ker jauga.

Bura lag raha hai mujhe bhi
Shyd roo bhi jauga...
Per haruga nhi,
Kyuki abb mai Jeet ke hi Ghar wapas jauga"

Will update the result on next story on April probably.
Till then just believe in your self you will get through this.
© Aftrr