I Thought Of You Today
Most would think that it's impossible to make a new friend after that person is deceased. I would have agreed, until a few months ago.
My guardian angel always points me in the direction I need to go.
An elderly gentleman had passed away and the house was sold. It was in dire need of a good cleaning. I accepted the job.
It amazed me that everything about this house from the time I drove up the driveway tugged at my heart strings. A music symbol on the front door. Beautiful music pictures hung on the walls. Violins stacked in their cases abandoned upstairs.
In the future when I hear the sweet sound of a violin, I will think of you on that day.
Old English Bulldog ornaments and awards decorated every room of the house. Old English are my dream dogs.
In the future when I see an Old English Bulldog, I will think of you on that day.
I looked up your obituary so I could learn more about you. You were an amazing man and left behind a musical legacy.
I could feel your presence with me as I cleaned and organized the few precious belongings that were left behind.
I cleaned with love and compassion. I thought about you as I completed each room. I could feel that you were pleased.
With your sons blessing, I am passing along the violins and some of the pictures to someone that also has a passion for music. They will be well loved and respected.
Walking up to the house on the first day, I was greeted by a beautiful white butterfly playing on the flowers. I looked up the meaning:
"Throughout history and in many traditions, white butterflies represented good luck, prosperity, and a sign of angelic beings nearby. There are many tales and folklore of white butterflies representing good luck when a white butterfly enters the home, or when white butterflies are found near the garden."
In the future, if I see a white butterfly, I will think of you on that day.
As you wander around heaven greeting great musicians of the past you may spot a humble cowboy sitting alone strumming on his Gibson, singing beautiful music written from his heart  about truckers, lovers, blue ladies, fallen soldiers, hippies, hobos and Butterfly wings. Stop by and say hello as this will be Neil, my guardian angel. He sent me to you, he guides my path along the way with loving reminders that he will always be with me.
I feel blessed and humbled that I was given the chance to meet you in spirit.
I write this because I thought of you today.
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