I won't repeat it , but bro/sis you are not unique, because every 3rd guy right now is sitting and setting the same goals as yours , shift from being unique to perform big , continuing with the story from yesterday( those who hadn't read it please read it ) , so yeah i scored unexpectedly good(for me) in 6th, me who is always living on expectations , the one who set goals without actually working on it, scored good . But yeah i now believed that i can also get acknowledged as an intelligent guy , and i kept working on it rather than blaming myself of not having the genes or not having a luck , yeah obviously i didn't became a topper but yeah i shifted from being a average guy to a intelligent brat , it became smoother for me to score good , i was becoming exceptionally good in maths my first day of each year used to be that of a worst guy in front of my class teacher and ended up becoming the most favourite student of the same teacher , even though i scored bad, my teacher backed me up in P.T.M. , cause i was good at when it came to answering , but was scoring around 80% which wan't enough for my parents ( not for other's parents too) ,

It's a new morning , i am in 9th class now, due to shuffling i lost my 2 best friends whom i talked with properly (they were in same section though , poor me :( ) , now i am in total fear , fear of studying the whole books in final exams ( when me and my friend used to study half syllabus , and the syllabus was also half the book making my learning limited to 1/4th of book), coming back , this fear made me score better than my expectations, i got 79%( i know you might be thinking , this guy sucks , he is always talking in %, but sorry, i cannot express myself in no other way ) so when people from 90s were also getting 79 or 80 or 81 , but me a 82 got it to 79 , my parents ofcourse wasn't happy as i came from 82 to 79 , but they are that much understanding that they concluded , he worked hard , that made me relaxed and motivated me at the same time , but yeah they tried to show me that they are very unhappy as there were boards coming for me in future . so they decided me to pressure more in to books rather than going easy on me and making me downfall.

The story of 10th(THE BOARDS) is the most interesting part of my life till date so i am not able to express it in this story , sorry to say i will be needing another story for that ! those who have reached this line , please i request you to read the one i will upload next.

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