Simple yet twisted(Chapter 6-Bygones)
How green was my valley, this is all that Dan thought all day, and all night, when she was here, Ella, she was his beacon of hope and now the light had gone out of his life.

Dan remembered those days of sultry sunshine and bleak winters intermixed with dry autumn and lush springs. She was the apple of his eye, his everything, he had lost faith in the concept of unrequited love but she had helped reinforce his faith and belief in it. All those memories of them sitting in the sunset filled valley of sunshine, and them walking hand in hand on the beach made his days feel like ecstasy.

Sex had never been the prima focie case in the relationship, and he had never seen her as an object, never had he sexualized her, to him, she was the friend he had, but didn't deserve.

But he hadn't yet told Ella of his feelings for her, that was being postponed by him in fear of rejection and heartbreak.

One day, however, when they were strolling at around midday in the lush green valley of Sierra Nevada, he told her, "Ella I wanna confess something to you.", she looked at him full in the face and his throat went dry, he was not used to being loved or being cared for, love had never been something which he had gotten easily. He hesitated but finally stammered the words, "Ella... actually I, I wanted to confess my......l.l.love for........", he couldn't complete his statement, she gripped him tightly and hugged him and it was like two souls were united in the pure bond of unrequited love, there he was hugging her back and crying like a baby tears spilling on her shoulders, she caressed his head like a mother does to her baby, and took his face inside the palm of her hand and wiped his tears off his cheek."

Sneak peek of chapter 7:- "We should marry", Dan suggested. She agreed, it was not everyday that two twin souls had found each other, and their souls spoke the language of the Soul of the World, which they mutually understood.
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