When he walks by the balcony,
He is like dust in the wind,
Move as fast as i close my eyes.
He is as pure as my feelings for him.
It doesn't matter whether it's real or weird.
I don't know if I like him or not,
I'm just curious about him.
what he looks like,
how he talks
How does he feel?

When by chance I got a chance to see him,
I wanted to replace it with F-A-T-E
But i couldn't even have any eye contact with him,
Because I don't know whether my feelings for him grow or fade away.
If I know him completely,
Will I be able to feel the same way as I do now?
I just enjoy giving him a cold look,
Smiling secretly after hearing his voice,
blush like an idiot
By getting a glimpse of him
and be delulu
In my dreams

I know he's just a neighbour of mine
Whose name I don't even know.
Who does not know that I exist,
Right behind his window.
waiting for the blue window to open
and hate to close it
Wouldn't it be nice if someone was waiting for my yellow window too,
I wish that person would be him.

MAY 23, 2024

© just_livin9