The garden of Love

He fell for her the moment he saw her at the _________. Fill in the blank and create a story.


In a Japanese garden filled with beautiful flowers there is a boy sitting in a bench alone.

Lu Linyuan (past): It's beautiful here.

Han Hizuki (past): Hello!.

Lu Linyuan (past): Woah you scared me.

Han Hizuki (past): By the way I am Han Hizuki and I am 12.

Lu Linyuan (past): Hello little Zuki I am lu Linyuan and I am 14.

It starts raining in there.

Han Hizuki (past): Ohh it's raining lets go to the coffee shop.

Lu Linyuan (past): Let's go.

In the coffee shop.

Han Hizuki (past): So ,will you be my friend I don't really have many friends.

Lu Linyuan (past): Ok Zuki you can call me yaun.

Han Hizuki (past): by the way my father works in your company.

Lu Linyuan (past): It mean you are daughter of Han Sheng.

Han Hizuki (past): Yeah and tomorrow is my birthday so please my father has invited you and your family hope you will come.

Lu Linyuan (past): 8th January wow of course I will come.

Four years later.
8th January.

Han Hizuki (past): Hey yaun.

Lu Linyuan (past): Hey Zuki happy birthday.

Han Hizuki (past): thanks and let's go.

Lu Linyuan (past): so which cake do you want.

Han Hizuki (past): *thinking* ok so we will have my favourite dark forest cake.

Lu Linyuan (past): ok let's go.

After they ate the cake.

Han Hizuki (past): *in anger* It was my piece of cake you are it you are bad.

Lu Linyuan (past): you look cute when you are angry.

Han Hizuki (past): Oi oi oi

Lu Linyuan (past): Cool down let's get you a gift so, what do you want.

Han Hizuki (past): So, let's get matching rings.

Lu Linyuan (past): ok let's go.

After they got rings.

Han Hizuki (past): wow it's raining just like it did when we first met.

Lu Linyuan (past): Yeah and I am going to ask you a question.

Han Hizuki (past): ok.

Lu Linyuan (past): Do you think I don't know you are in love with me.

Han Hizuki (past): Let me think... I think yes I am in love with you.

Lu Linyuan (past): blushes.

(there will be a part two so hope you will check it out).

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