Dancing With Death
I felt my feet sink into the ground
To heavy to move
As she proposed we dance,
I took a shot of whiskey as she led me to the floor.

Suddenly it was quite, slow music played in the background if felt at easy while I was dancing with a nameless ghost,
For a moment my limbs felt numb
Yet I moved,
I did not know the routine
But I executed it perfectly.

There I was in the wrong place,
The wrong time,with the wrong girl,
With my hands on her waist
Everything was quite as she leaned in
My heart stopped as I awaited a kiss,
She came closer and closer to the point where I could hear her breathe,
Then she whispered with a soft voice
“See you in hell.”
I heard my body thud and scared murmurs
Around me, I felt cold I knew death had his luck .My only question was that what was her name?

© Poetic Neighborhood