March 23 (P.1)

(Where conspiracy and criminal crimes are born. )


Conspiracy is an inchoate crime because it does not require that the illegal act actually have been completed.


I was putting the finishing touches on my final story on Apple, when I received a text message from Lotlot. I quickly flipped open my phone to read her message that popped up on the front screen. It said,
"Hey, hey... check Facebook. There's a person who has a beef with you and plans to wipe out your family on March 23, Watch your back!" I fixed my eyes on my phone's screen, and typed in the name of the person she mentioned.

Judging by the way he posted, it was nothing but gibberish to most people, but if you were in the law enforcement, you would know he was a sharp shooter. He clearly had an axe to grind with me.

I pondered my past actions, wondering what had led these criminal creatures to behave with such misdemeanor. My contacts held clues—names of people whose possible criminal plans I could relay. But alas, the hacker had swiped them away, leaving me vulnerable.

"Why am I the target of these felons?" I muttered aloud, my voice echoing in the empty room. The silence amplified my frustration.

Sickened by the situation, I resolved to put my thoughts in writing. Perhaps the answers would lay evident in the ink-stained pages of this journal. I may sent early to grave, but my voice etched on this paper will echo forever until it finds justice.

I picked up my pen and my hand shook like a leaf as my mind went blank. I struggled to find the right words until...

All the memories came back to me, so easily as it flows on my pen down to my journal.

To be continued...
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