my way
"Why him?"

"Why not?"

"He's not the one. Move on"

"If he's not, he'll eventually leave my world, my life, my circle of acquaintances, my proximity."

"Ugh. That won't happen unless you stop going to places where you might bump into him."

"It will. Just like all the people who were once part of our lives but now are not."

"Gosh, do you know what people call a person like you?"

And they told me I lacked self-love for loving a person like you. Someone who doesn't love me back; who's been oblivious to my feelings for years now. But I know in myself that I can love as unconditionally as this because I have lots of love within me. It overflows and runs to you, trying to wrap your soul. Even though you, with your mere arms, could not wrap me in a quick embrace. I love you wildly, like a jungle; deeply, like an ocean, and clearly, like a blue sky. I am not afraid of getting vulnerable; I'm all in for the adventure. Hunting lessons and finding treasure-like memories in the presence of pain and joy. I cannot betray my heart by loving someone for the sake that he treats me well and you don't; use his availability when, simultaneously, my heart only wants you. I cannot love someone for any reason; it's not in my nature to be conditional. That's not my way, for my heart only pursue who it wants; against science, against discouragements, and against any 'you should be's.' And if you're not the person meant for me, if you're not the of type person whose style is this kind of love, then, perhaps, my love is just having a stopover in you while on its trip to the exact person who was born to be loved by me and who will love me with his own way of loving— a way that is similar to mine.
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