A break-up
There is a time in your life, when you have to take some tough calls. Which sometimes are fruitful or maybe leading to some collateral damages in your life.
"Riya" a dentist by profession, a very focussed girl coming from a town not having very big dreams. Every day while going to her clinic her first visit is for an old age home, where she is the fan for every old soul. Having a beautiful smile on her face, treating every patient just like her own family member.
Her childhood friend "Aman" is also a dentist who was practicing in the same area. As both of them grew up together, they started falling for each other.
One day, "Aman" asked "Riya" for her future plans. Surprised "Riya" told "Aman" that she is going to remain in the same area and continue her practice. After hearing this "Aman" tried to convince her to accompany him to move to a big city. As "Aman" got a very good job in some other city with a very good pay scale.
But, "Riya" was so ground to earth that she refuted to accompany "Aman".
During their conversation, "Aman" tried to get louder which "Riya" didn't like at all. And with mutual consent they both broke off their relationship.
"Aman" left for another city without even saying goodbye to "Riya". "Riya" cried a lot without anyone noticing her. She was heartbroken. Let's see how, "Riya will cope up with her break-up.

© Anubhooti