the secret of the profession
The secret of the profession

One day, I was in my office. I was looking for a specific document or important paper at work, so what happened?

I opened one of the drawers, I found written on a piece of paper, its color compared to the rest of the papers, it was yellow, and it was very old, and it was written on it in a very clear handwriting, similar to the line of paintings. This is different from the secret of the profession.

And I found this paper disappeared, and I found myself in a completely different place and time, and I found myself in a strange place like this, and the smell of the room was all paper and the smell of old memories, and so I found myself

In a place that resembles fairy tales, and I tried to write the secret of the profession on the old paper that was in this drawer. I found the smell of the paper became very widespread and increased very much. I coughed and tried to get out of the room. I found the door locked on me from the outside.

I was literally suffocated, I found something very strange written on the precaution, you will not get out of here unless you fulfill what is required of you

Well, what is required of me? I tried to write to them as a precaution. It was failing. Well, I call out loud. All attempts failed.

I was looking around the book on any map that would take me out of the place. I found a map, uh, but the map changes every bit

And the paper I found, he sat around me, making a circle around him so that I could not get out. I used the paper to draw a map myself to get out of this strange place. I tried to draw this map, I found it drawn, and I found a line like this line of paintings.

I'm talking to myself, what is the secret in? Of course, in the pen of the paintings. I tried to write with the pen that I brought from the drawer on any piece of paper, the secret of the profession.

I kept looking for the pen until I found it, and wrote the rest of the word, the secret of the profession, and I found the door opened to the end, and I found my office returned as it was, and after that, I found another piece of paper written on it, Bravo, you won, but keep your paper because the paper that was written on it is the secret of the profession. Otherwise, you would have been imprisoned forever. #shortstory
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