His Betrayal

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The moon cast a haunting glow over the remnants of what once was Rabeya's haven. The echoes of the raid still reverberated through the walls, mingling with the faint sobs of women who had once found solace under her roof. Rabeya stood in the center of the courtyard, her heart a shattered mosaic of dreams and trust, each piece cutting deeper into her soul.

Her eyes, once filled with warmth and hope, now brimmed with tears as she remembered the brutal raid. The police had stormed in, tearing through her home with no regard for the sanctity it held. The accusations of running a brothel were like venom, poisoning the air with their cruelty. The men who worked in her palace, loyal and innocent, had been beaten mercilessly. And she, a niqabi, had faced the ultimate violation when an officer tried to attack her, his intentions clear in his vile eyes.

But then her husband had arrived. He had stopped the assault, and for a fleeting moment, relief had washed over her. But it was immediately replaced by a cold dread as the police officers addressed him with respect, calling him "sir." The realization had struck her like lightning: the man she had come to love and trust was a deception, a mirage.

Her hands trembled, clutching the fabric of her dupatta as if it could anchor her to reality. She sought out Aban, her voice steady but laced with anguish. "What is all this? Why did you do this? Why did you marry me?" she asked each word a dagger to her own heart.

Aban's face was a cold, impassive mask, his eyes void of any warmth. "I did it only to catch your brother. I married you to win his trust. Otherwise, I would have never married you," he said, his words cutting through her like a knife.

Rabeya's vision blurred with tears, but she forced herself to meet his gaze. "You used me. You made me dream and trust, all for your deceit," she whispered, her voice breaking.

Aban's expression hardened, his eyes narrowing with disdain. "You are nothing to me but a criminal's sister," he spat, his words dripping with contempt.

The pain in Rabeya's chest was unbearable, each heartbeat a reminder of her shattered dreams. Yet, she held her head high. "If that's how you see it, then so be it," she said, her voice a fragile whisper.

Her Uncle burst into the room, his fury palpable. He pointed a trembling finger at Aban, his voice shaking with rage. "You are no man! Involving an innocent woman in your schemes—shame on you!"

But Rabeya, her heart breaking, raised a hand to silence him. "Uncle , This is my naseeb, my fate," she said with dignity. Her voice was soft, the weight of her words heavy with resignation.

She turned to leave, her steps faltering under the weight of betrayal. Her Mama supported her, his curses directed at Aban, but Rabeya remained silent. Her dignity, though battered, remained intact.

As they reached the threshold, she paused, her tears flowing freely now. She could feel Aban's gaze burning into her back, but she didn't turn. The man she had once loved, the man who had become her world, had destroyed it with his lies.

Aban stood unmoved, his face a mask of cold indifference. The woman he had deceived, the woman he had used as a pawn in his ruthless game, was walking away. And he felt nothing but the hollow satisfaction of a mission accomplished. 

Who was the Actual Criminal? Using someone for their own selfish interest, exploiting their emotions, and breaking their trust should also be considered a heinous crime. But, these criminals roam free.

The door closed behind her with a finality that echoed through the empty halls. Rabeya walked into the night, her heart shattered but her spirit unbroken. She had faced the ultimate betrayal, but she would survive. She always had.

Aban watched her leave, his fists clenched, his heart as cold and unyielding as ever. He had lost her, but to him, she had only ever been a means to an end. The truth of his feelings, if there were any, buried under layers of duty and deceit, meant nothing to him now.

He turned away, his mind already calculating his next move, as Biya disappeared into the darkness, carrying with her the remnants of a life destroyed by his callous ambition.


Rabeya stared out the window, her heart heavy with an indescribable sadness. The girls around her were busy fixing the house, trying to restore some semblance of normalcy, but Rabeya's mind was elsewhere. Her( uncle) mama, was speaking to her, his voice filled with concern and urgency about what they should do next. But his words were lost on her. She could only think of the betrayal and the fire that had consumed her dreams.

"I don't know, Mama," she murmured absently, not even realizing she had spoken.

Her mama's (uncle) voice faded into the background as she turned and walked towards her bedroom. The familiar surroundings that once brought her comfort now felt suffocating. She needed space to breathe, to process the chaos that had upended her life.

Outside, an army of masked men was stealthily approaching the house, their intentions sinister. Just as they prepared to burst inside, a deafening explosion rocked the ground. The mansion was instantly engulfed in flames, the fierce heat and roaring fire overwhelming the night.

The masked men were thrown into disarray, shocked and disoriented. "What just happened?" one of them shouted, his voice filled with panic.

Quickly regaining their composure, they called someone, their hands trembling. 


Aban was at a party, surrounded by congratulatory voices and the clinking of glasses. His victory was being celebrated, but his mind was elsewhere, preoccupied with thoughts of Rabeya.

His father's voice cut through the noise, cold and calculated. "I've sent some men to Rabeya's house. We can't risk this scandal ruining our reputation."

Aban's blood ran cold. Without a word, he bolted from the party, his heart pounding in his chest. Rahul and Abbas, sensing the urgency, followed closely behind. They raced through the streets, fear gnawing at their hearts.

When they arrived, the scene before them was a nightmare. The mansion was a blazing inferno, the flames reaching high into the sky. Aban's legs gave way, and he fell to his knees, the shock and devastation overwhelming him.

"No... Rabeya..." he whispered, his voice choked with tears. Memories of her laughter, her gentle touch, and the dreams they had shared flooded his mind, each one a dagger to his heart.

"Abdullah, we should cherish every moment after all, we don't know how long we'll live." Her voice echoed in his ears, a haunting reminder of the love he had destroyed.

The flames roared louder, but all Aban could hear was her voice. "If you don't be grateful to the Niyama Allah Ta'ala gives you, then later you'll regret when you lose the Niyama."

"Rabeya..." he sobbed, his fists clenching in the dirt. He had lost her, and with her, he had lost himself. The mansion, once a symbol of their shared dreams, was now a burning testament to his failure and betrayal.

His friends tried to pull him away, but he couldn't move. The pain was too intense, the guilt too crushing. "Abdullah, we'll go to some mountains and start our life afresh, free from this filth."

The words were ashes now, much like the ruins before him. He had played his part well, but the cost was too high. As he stared into the flames, the weight of his actions pressed down on him, suffocating him.

Rahul's voice was a distant murmur, barely cutting through the haze of his grief. "Aban, we need to go."

With a final, broken sob, Aban allowed himself to be pulled away. The flames behind him continued to burn, but the fire within him had been extinguished. His heart was hollow, his soul shattered. He had betrayed the one person who had believed in him, and now she was gone.

"Naseeban..." he whispered into the night, the word a bitter reminder of what he had lost. The celebration of his victory felt like a cruel joke. There was no victory, only profound, soul-crushing loss.

As the memories of Rabeya's warmth and love faded into the smoke-filled sky, Aban was left with nothing but the echo of her voice, the shadow of his regret and the burden of his guilt.

The end....

Sometimes We Can't Change anything just like Aban . And this is Naseeb ( Fate).

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