It's history class and kelvin is listening everything very carefully because the teacher is teaching about the ocean Cenotes Of Mexico's.

Teacher - this place is denoted from past 25000 years many people say there are some unknown creatures called dragons and they are sleeping there from past 50000 years well scientist don't believe that dragons are real.

The bell rings.

Teacher - ok class this is for today meet you tomorrow.
All class - thanks sir.

All students pack their bag and left Kelvin was also packing his bag when Alexa come to him.

Alexa - hey! Kelvin.
Kelvin - oh hi Alexa.
Alexa - well, I noticed you were listening to teacher very carefully.
Kelvin - yeah! Cause am curious that is that real there are dragons.
Alexa - are u serious kelvin, dragons aren't real.
Kelvin - but there is no proof.
Alexa - ok ok let's go
Kelvin - yea! Let's go.

They were walking in school corridor.

Kelvin - well, if you are free than can u came at my house today evening.
Alexa - yea! Why not. Do you want me to tell this to dalvin and violet too.
Kelvin - yea! Please
Alexa - ok bye.

then in the evening Alexa, violet and dalvin came at calvin house.

Kelvin - oh guys came.

Everyone sit on cough.

Dalvin - dude am hungry go get something.
Violet - you are always hungry.
Dalvin - shut up violet.

Everyone start laughing.

Kelvin - ok I will get something.

Calvin serve food. Everyone start eating.

Violet - by the way kelvin why do u call us.
Calvin - cause I want to tell you something.
Alexa - say.
Calvin - listen guys I really research a lot and I got to know that Ocean cenotes of mexico's is cursed.
Violet - cursed!
Calvin - yea! Look 1000 years ago there was a king name Ashok. But one day a dragon attack him Ashok got killed but before dying Ashok give his son a page where the way was written to lock the dragons inside the ocean so his son look the dragons and from the day no one try to go there but many people say if someone try to unlock them dragons will destroy the whole world.
Alexa - that's interesting.
Kelvin - guys what if will go there.
Alexa - it will be so fun.
Dalvin - so should we do it.
Violet - yeah let's do it and you know what my dad's friend is a scientist we can ask for help from him.
Alexa - o ok.
Kelvin - so listen guys we are going to Cenotes Of Mexico's ocean and violet and dalvin u both go to library and try to find some information.
Dalvin - ok.
Kelvin - so we will meet at my house tomorrow evening byeee.

And then violet and delvin left but Alexa was still there.

Kelvin - should I drop u Alexa
Alexa - yea please kelvin.
Kelvin drop Alexa next morning Kelvin was packing his bag when Alexa come there.

Alexa- hi kelvin.
Kelvin - oh you come by yourself I was just coming to take you.
Alexa - yeah but I come by myself.
Kelvin - let's go then.
Alexa - sir tickets.
Kelvin - oh shit I forgot about it what should we do now.
Alexa - (smiled) I already booked them.
Kelvin - thank God.
Alexa - let's go now.

They both left and reach airport and state in aeroplane and left for Cenotes of mexico's.


Alexa - Kelvin and taking sand and water samples.
Kelvin - yeah that will help scientist to search on it.
Alexa - look Kelvin how beautiful this ocean is.

Kelvin look at Alexa and said.
Kelvin - yes very beautiful
While looking at Alexa.

After that they take flight and reach Kelvin house they get fresh and had their dinner they were sitting on one bed Kelvin was busy on laptop and Alexa was reading a book suddenly someone knock the main door Alexa goes to open it and after few seconds Alexa enter in room with delvin and violet.

Dalvin - hi buddy
Kelvin - hii
violet - hi kelvin
kelvin- hi baby
alexa - hey don't call her baby.
dalvin - why are you jelous.
alexa - no am not.
kelvin - than i will call her baby. baby did you had your dinner.
alexa - heyyyy! stop it or else i will never talk to u.
violet - guys stop now.
dalvin - yea ok.

Everyone set on bed.

Violet - so did you do anything on that ocean.
Alexa - yea! I take some samples.
Violet - that's amazing.
Dalvin - now guys we found this book.
Violet - this book is really heavy.
Dalvin- I read this book and it is says if we want to know if they are dragons or not we have to solve a mystery.
Alexa - what mystery.
Dalvin - look in this page this riddle has written. " Heaven of knowledge a book is kept name little dragon romance, scary, adventure every story is there what is that place called hell for students but heaven for toppers.
Alexa - I only get this thing that we have to find a place where that book is kept name little dragon.
Dalvin - place of knowledge and hell for students but heaven for toppers.
Violet - kelvin is topper. Kelvin where is your heaven.
Kelvin - maybe the answer is library.
Alexa - yea! That's right.
Violet - let's go to find the book then
Kelvin - noo am so tired.
Violet - ohh com'on.
Alexa - we are really tired let's talk about it tomorrow byee.

And violet and dalvin left. Alexa and kelvin fall asleep cause they were tired.

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