Made to bloom
Do not compare yourself to others.
I am a firm believer that all men were created equal. when I refer to men in this book I mean both men and women. I also believe that the levels and categories we have given ourselves as humans mostly lie in our heads. what I mean here is that the next person is only better than you in your head. And in life, not everything should be about competition. There is a time and place for competition but not at the expense of your own soul.
And I could not have put it any better, comparing yourself to others is not the wisest thing to do. It is not that others should not be better than you, but that the success of others should not intimidate is negativily but catapult us to our destiny by encouraging us to be better at our game, whatever that may be. Sometimes, the definition of other people's success can be deceiving, nothing is ever as it seems, so be careful with what you admire. It is so easy these days to despair when others seem to be doing much better than us, And often times this breeds jealousy even among spouses. What you need to realize is that we each require different take off power.

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