Part 4 Amy Fox and the Mystery of the Stolen Documents (to be continued…)
Sophie got to the government offices. She told the clerk her name and that she was here to see Robby Banks’ old office. The clerk then directed her to Robby’s old office. When Sophie got there, she took in the whole scene. In the office, there was a desk with papers strewn all about it. The room looked as if someone had been furiously looking for something. All the pens and everyday items were gone, as expected since Robby had quit that day and packed his things. Robby’s fingerprints were the only ones that Sophie’s machine could pick up. Most of the evidence put Robby in a very bad spot. However, if it was his desk, and the documents were his work, wouldn’t he know where they were? Why would he need to search so hard for the documents? Was he trying to make it look like someone else, did it? Or was someone else trying to make it look like Robby, did it? These were all important questions Sophie had to find answers to. She wrote down the questions and the details of the room. Sophie then drove home. She knew she had to figure out a way to interrogate Robby with no one else listening.
            Caleb climbed back into his room through the window and turned off his music. It was Tuesday, and if there was one thing Caleb knew for sure it was that he was going to be at the bookstore on Thursday at 1 p.m. no matter what. He decided that even though his mom should not be keeping him at the house, he wanted to apologize for acting out. He thought that maybe she wouldn’t watch him as closely if they were on good terms. So, he climbed down the stairs to his mom who was in the lounge. “Mom, can I speak with you quickly?” Caleb asked Sophie. “Yes,” Sophie replied. “I am sorry for the way I behaved earlier; it was not right. Even though it is hard for me to stay home all the time, I understand that you are trying to keep me safe,” said Caleb apologetically. “I forgive you. I am so happy to hear that you see that I am only keeping you here because I don’t want to see you get hurt. I love you, Caleb!” Sophie exclaimed. “I love you too Mom,” Caleb replied. Caleb went back to his room feeling slightly guilty about sneaking out his window. He was not going to stop his plans though because of a little guilt.
            Robby Banks returned to his cell, where he had a cellmate named Hugo Sanchez. Nobody in the jail knew why Hugo was there. Hugo would often get paid by other prisoners to beat up their enemies, intimidate people, and get rid of prisoners who were snitches. All they knew, was that you don’t want to be on his bad side. “Why does this guy have to be my cellmate? I don’t even belong here! All I did was quit my job so I could be with my family. Now everyone thinks I am a big criminal!” Robby thought to himself. “You need to stop being a wimp and accept the fact that you stole documents and got caught. You are stuck here in this prison and need to pretend to cooperate with the cops. If you keep this up, you are going to have a lot bigger problems than being in this jail cell,” Hugo threatened Robby. Robby sat there silent since he knew that the best answer wasn’t violence or anger. He knew he couldn’t do what Hugo wanted him to do, but he didn’t have to tell Hugo that. Right then, one of the cops came up to the cell and called Robby. “Hey Robby, for some reason that detective from today is coming back next week to try to interrogate you again! You better give her something this time, or else we might have to extend your stay here at the jail,” The cop threatened. “I have the right to remain silent without a lawyer being present. You would be violating the law by lengthening my jail time!” Robby said. The cop realized he had been outsmarted, and just decided to leave. Robby then sat on his bunk and couldn’t help but think about whether he had made the correct decision about quitting his job. “I quit because I knew the government was up to something bad, and my family needed me. For that, I deserve to be framed for stealing the government’s dirty documents! It is just not fair! Also, Hugo is my cellmate! It seems like someone is trying to silence me, but the question is who? Is it the person who framed me for stealing the documents, or is it the government? Or could it be both?” Robby thought to himself. Hugo sat on his bunk, thinking about some of his problems too. “This Robby Banks is going to pay if he tries to talk when he goes in with the detective! The night before his meeting with her I have to plant this speaker in his outfit so I can listen in. Or I could put it in his pocket that day if I get in a fight with him. I like the second idea more…”
© Stacy A Parker