Revenge (story part: 7)
Hualing came to Eun Sook and saw Eun Sook sitting sad and asked," hey what happened?" Kai told that your mood is not good, did something happen ?

Eun-sook: my mom... Just called me and I told her that I am going to Korea with the rest of the army.

Hualing: And your mom refused to go, right ?

Eun-sook: But how do you know this?

Hualing: I'm not at all surprised to hear that your mom told you not to go to Korea. Because I knew that when you tell this to your mom and dad, something like this will happen.
you want to go there so you can find your mom and along with that you wants to take revenge from those people because they killed your dad in front of you and your mom...
But if you see... I can understand Aunt Ai Ling why she is refusing to let you go. Aunt Ai ling and Uncle Xiang are not your real mom dad. But they raised you like their own daughter for so many years.
And I think Aunt Ai ling has understood... The real purpose of your going to Korea. She is not letting you go because she is afraid that you will not come back to them after going Korea.
Maybe they must be feeling that if you met your mom... So maybe you will stay with your mom in Korea and will never come back to aunt and uncle.

Hearing this, Eun-sook becomes even more sad. And said, "I know but!! It is important for me to find my mom."

Hualing: I know... Come here you need a warm hug right now.

Next day....

Kai and Dylan are getting ready and packing their clothes to go to Korea...

Kai: Hey Dylan... I saw a photo in your bag that your were standing with a foreign guy.

Dylan takes that photo out of the bag and shows it to Kai and says," are you talking about this picture?" Kai said yes.

Dylan: This is my dad.

Kai was shocked to hear this and said, "Is this your dad?" Dylan nods...

Dylan: Yes, my dad is a German, and my mom is a Chinese. When my dad came to China, he met my mom, then they both fell in love, then after dating for a few years, mom and dad married each other. After getting married, mom and dad shifted to Germany, later I was born and studied there. When I was eight years old, Dad went on a trip with some of his friends. But later we came to know that Dad is missing and so are the people who went with him. Only one of them came back. But when he came back, he was badly injured and he died the next day. Then searched for Dad and his other friends but could not find them.
Then me and my mom returned back to China. Then we got the news that Dad has passed away. No one knows about the reason behind the death.

Kai reaches over and comforts Dylan by putting a hand on his shoulder.

A girl came to Eun Sook and said, "Chun, someone has come to see you." Eun sook asked who has come. Then that girl said that he is one of your family members. Hearing this, Eun Sook goes to meet the family member who has come to meet her. When she went near the main gate, she saw that it was her father.

Eun-sook: Dad !!

Xiang: chun... Were you getting ready to go?

Eun-sook: Yes, just packing.

Xiang then gives a tiffin to Eun Sook. Eun Sook asked, "What is this?" xiang said that your mom has made your favorite chocolate cookies. It will take many days to reach Korea, so you eat it on the way. Seeing this Eun Sook gets emotional and asked where is mom, didn't she come here with you...?

To be continued

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