my reason to live
Hey there, this is not just a story but a part of me.

I have anxiety and sometimes I get panic attacks. They are hell in every sense possible. It makes me feel things I don't want anyone to ever go through not even my worst enemies. I have been having these for quite some time now, and usually after every panic attack I wish to die.

But today it was different. No not the panic attack or my emotions but something else, that's the reason now I want to live. So what happened today is while having panic attack I didn't reach out to all of my friends but just one. And he came. His reaction was not something that could ever make me feel a burden but someone important, someone worth helping.

Then after sometime he called another of my friend to bring jacket for me as I was shivering even after getting after wearing his jacket. When that friend came he didn't say he was busy or anything he just asked why was he not informed and few minutes latter when another friend was passing by he asked the same. And that made me realise that I am not a burden to them, my health issues didn't make me any less of their friend. I felt like a human being after quite a long time.

They made me realise that if they don't think that I am not worth helping than how can I think of giving up. They gave me a reason to go on. They showed me what I refused to see myself that I am worth trying for. Thank you.