Not having him😔
If you believe in reincarnation, who would you choose as your next life form if you had the chance? But if you don't believe in it, explain why.
If the reincarnation really exists,,,then i still want to choose me in my reincarnation,,but i want to change some things in my new life ,,, it's that ,,,i never want to meet that one special person in my reincarnation, for whom I'm still crying everynight ,,for whom i lost my happiness,, for whom i lost my precious time waiting for him to change ,,for whom i lost everthing,,for whom I'm still waiting ,i want my reincarnation without having him in it ,,but i think it's not possible because I still love him with my all heart,
want him to be with me
but really can't accept him anymore
if possible i want him but i didn't want to fell in love with him in my new life
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