My Ella, My momma
I wanted to write this on Mother's day, but for some reasons I couldn't.
This was about my momma.

Few years ago, when I gained admission to the university, I was really having it hard with finance, time and support.
I was already working where I taught ICT classes and other stuff, which was already inconveniencing, but I had to take extra job(s), to teach weekend classes somewhere and also taught jamb classes thrice a week in the evenings; and I schooled same time.
So, I was working like 3 jobs, attending classes and also fitting other parts of my life into my schedule and routines which was painstakingly demanding.
As semester went farther and tighter, I was looking stressed, emaciated and always suffering from exhaustion.
And at some point, my mom noticed; then one day she called me and we spoke about how everything was taking a toll on me. So, after my semester results was out and I told her I had a GP of 4 point. I swear she didn't know what it meant but as my siblings sang my praise she knew it was huge and something worth being happy about. So she offered to help wash my wears every weekend so I can at least get rested on Sundays - as against getting ready for a new week.
Man, I couldn't believe it. she said it was the bare minimum she could do for me at the time.
Man, I went back to my small room, sat and cried. The love, her love, was so massive. it was real and coming from my mom who was navigating recovery from illness, I felt so loved.
I just want to say, because everyday is mother's day, you're so loved mom, and thank you for the gift of you!
With love, from your son, JK.

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