The Writer.

It's been two days now since the chef has told me I'm going to die. How absurd is that? I mean who goes around telling people they will die? No sane person that's for sure.

I haven't spoken to him or seen him. If he knows I'm going to die then he's probably the one planning my death and not some other person. I won't be surprised seeing as he knew where I was when those kidnappers tried taking me the other night. I mean how did he know I'll be there at that exact moment?


I looked up.

"What are you doing here?" I stared at a man I haven't known well since I got into this house. He's kinda like a ghost or a lone-wolf.

I was sitting at the pool with just my feet swinging in the clear blue water. The pool is big, like really big. I think Uyai has the biggest pool in this area.

The man sat down beside me. His shoes were off so, he dipped his feet in too.

"Well, I was just thinking" I started.

"About what? If I may ask" his voice sounded calm, cajoling, enticing, attractive.... Men I can go on. Bottom line, I love his voice.

I couldn't help myself, I had to speak. It's like I was on a drug that forces people to speak without that person knowing he/she was doing so.

"I have a lot on my mind," I said

"Like?" he asked.

I was about to spill out everything but then we got interrupted.


We both looked up.

It was the chef.



I was looking for Ireyi. I haven't seen her today. I'm a bit worried. That smell is still in the air and it's getting stronger. When she's outside the house and I happen to be there too, the smell is mild. But once she comes in, it gets really strong, like really strong to the point that I almost get sick smelling it.

This only means one thing.

Her killer is in this house.

So, I have to look for her because anyone is a suspect right now.

I walked around asking other workers in the house if they've seen her. But they all said no.

Okay, I'm beginning to not like this.

I kept walking though.

I went to the dining room.


Went to her room.

Still nothing.

I went to the backyard where she normally chills under the big tree.

She wasn't there.

I went to the living room and still, she wasn't there.

I was about to go back to the kitchen when I saw him walk out the translucent door leading to the pool area.

I saw a person sitting down with only their legs in the pool. And I knew instantly it was her.

But the guy walking to her was not meant to be close to her.

Absolutely not.


Shit! I was about to begin the process of getting close to her, of gaining her trust. But this loon destroyed it all.

I got up slowly, allowing my size to intimidate him. But he just stared back. With no fear whatsoever.

Hm, I think this one is special. I'll have to look for special ways to handle him.

But there's something about him I can't put my finger on. He acts differently from other chefs that I've seen.

My eyes went about surveying him. His chest is wide, with good strong hands and forearms. He's tall, but I'm taller. His stance is of a fighter in a ring, someone that knows a thing or two about self-defense, his....

"Are you going to keep analyzing me until the world ends?" the loon asked.

I met his eyes. They were hard. Just like mine.

I walked passed him saying nothing.

He said nothing to.

I'll have to take care of him and then get back to Ireyi later.


"What was that? Why were you two looking at each other as if you were about to fight to the death?"

"You need to be careful Ireyi"

"Why? Because someone wants to kill me?"

She asked as she got up and stepped into her flip flops.

"Yes," chef answered.

She was dusting the back of her pants when she spoke.

"You know, you never told me how you know I'm going to die and you also haven't told me how you knew those men were going to kidnap me and dissect me"

"Ireyi, they weren't going to dissect you"

"Well, how do you know? How do you know any of these? How?"

She was yelling.

"I just know okay. It's hard to explain"

She pointed a dainty finger at him.

"Well, better think of how to explain this if not I'm going to tell Uyai and she'll get you fired"

He stared at her with a straight face. But he didn't say anything. He just walked away.

"God what the hell is going on?" she thought.


Two days later.

For the past two days, Gbenga has been my only friend in the house. I've decided to stay away from the chef. He's creeping me out.

"So you have a best friend?" Gbenga asked.

I nodded my head.

We were both sitting at the backyard under the massive tree having grapes and strawberries.

"How long?" he popped a berry into his mouth.

"Well, we are close to being called sisters. So I guess quite long"

He nodded once.

I looked at my wristwatch. It was time for me to head home.

I usually stay in Uyai's home whenever I have a lot of writing to do. And this week is one of those weeks.

We've finally gotten all we need on General Gowon Ben. Remember him? The child molester?

Well, we've got all the proof we need to get justice for all those kids he has molested.

I got up.

"I need to head home"

Gbenga stared at me like he couldn't fathom why I had to leave.

"Why?" he asked, getting up too.

Goodness me but he's tall.

I craned my neck to look at him.

"Cause I have to head home. It's closing hours for me"

"You don't have to leave. You can stay. With me"

He moved into my space. I looked down at the space I once had then looked back up at him.

"You're in my space" I stated the obvious.

"I know," he said, as his head and fingers began to come down to my face.

"Is he trying to kiss me?"

His head was getting closer.

"Oh God, he is. What do I do?"


Chef yelled my name and I have never been more grateful to be called away in my entire life.

I stepped back yelling, "Yes, coming"

And then I skedaddled.

Whew, that was close.


My eyes followed Ireyi as she hurried with her short legs towards him. I looked at him. He looked back. Both of us had on hard, firm looks on our faces. He thinks he's tough, he has no idea who I am. My eyes went back to Ireyi as she squeezed past him into the house cause his size had occupied the whole door. He didn't seem care to move so their bodies touched as she passed through.

 She escaped this time, but she won't escape next time. Because next time, her heart will be in my hand.


The next day.

I'm home waiting for my best friend Sasha to arrive. We see almost every day. Except for days when she's busy at work. She's a computer analyst working for some kind of agency. I've tried asking where she works but it looks like I'm not the only secretive friend in this relationship cause she has refused to tell me.

Anyway, as I waited for her, I began to recall what went on today at my place of work.

Uyai's home.

Uyai was a beast today. She had gotten her assistant to get in touch with almost every TV station and social media platforms to give them the deets on all the info about Gowon Ben.

Mehnn it was a crazy town in her office.

Her team moved up and down talking on the phone, giving instructions, getting instructions, there were some yelling {from Uyai} aggravated expressions in form of grunting from others, some people sat down, some moved about, phones and laptops were in use, I mean they looked like they were about to go insane.

Suddenly the room got quiet.

I was sitting at a corner just watching everyone since my job was done. So I had nothing to do than to observe.

But when the room got so quiet, it surprised me. I was already getting used to the noise.

"What do you want?" Uyai asked in such a strong tone, you would think she was the Capo.

Who is she talking to?

I looked around but everyone here has been here for a while. There's no new person.

My eyes landed on the door and there stood Gbenga. He was looking at everyone with disdain.

His eyes landed on me and I don't know if I imagined it but I think he's pupils got darker.

"What are all these low lives doing in my house?" he asked in disgust.

"My house you mean" Uyai countered.

"No my brother's house" Gbenga declared

The state of the room at this moment was uncommonly bizarre and out of the ordinary.

Simply put, it was awkward.

Reason? No one knew who Gbenga was. Uyai never told anyone. But now, everyone knows.

And so it dawned on me.

I've been friends with the boss's husband's brother.