The orphan
A little girl named Katie was an orphan, She never knew who were her real parents, No one knew anything about them, She was Abandoned and was left in a garbage bin in a nearby alley, Passers-by heard crying of a baby and found her there, She was taken to the hospital and later to an Orphanage, Katie dreamed of having a family one day, Until it came true, A lovely couple adopted Katie and she was very happy, Her adopted parents loved her as their own child and took really good care of her, When Katie was sixteen started receiving strange mail everyday of two people who claimed to be her parents, She showed her adopted parents and they grew quite concerned, Why after all these years they are writing to her after they had abandoned her!Are they really her parents! They wondered, They thought nothing of it but the letters kept coming, So Katie decided to write one back and see what happens, She received another letter asking too meet, Her adopted parents told her that she doesn't have to if she doesn't, And no one's sure if they are really her parents, But Katie wanted answers as to why they did what they did, When she meet them they acted all nice and innocent to her and told her they was sorry as to what they done and wanted to be in her life, But all they only wanted was Money and Katie saw right tru their lies, Katie told them that they would never be apart of her life and they are nothing to her and said she already as parents that love and supported her , she held her head high leaving them dumbfounded,
© lovely