It all started at the beach......
"Being secretly in love with someone is the hardest feeling, you get hurt, You get jealous, you cry and you get broken, but the saddest part is, he doesn't know about it."

Spring 2017,

I have never felt love before. This feeling was completely unknown to me, until the day I felt something between us, between me and Aryan, He's my best friend, I've never thought of him like that before, But for several days I noticed that when I see him with other girls, I get jealous, angry, I don't know why. I don't know why I fell in love with him so much, but in spite of that I treated him like a friend, so that he would not understand that I love him. Because if he understands then maybe our friendship will be ruined. So I hid my love for him, many years.

Years passed

“Sooner or later we’ve all got to let go of our past.” – Dan Brown, ‘Deception Point’

A girl who was 15 then turned 18 now, Many days passed in an instant, and that girl is very mature now.

In these three years, I've seen myself grow up, I've seen myself change,
I saw him with a lot of girls, I felt bad I cried, I suffered pain, but I never said anything to him.
After suffering for a long time, I realized that this was not the right thing to do.
I tried to move on from him, I started dating, learned to enjoy life, finally I was happy. I went to a relationship, and the one I went with was Aryan's brother, I didn't know that he loved me, Suddenly one day he told me that he liked me, but he thought that Aryan and I were together so he did not go any further. I felt bad for him, because like me he endured everything, and could not say anything for fear of losing his friendship with me, I didn't know if I loved him or not, but I went in a relationship with him without thinking. I did not love him from the heart, I was nominally in a relationship with him, So I was not happy. And this unhappiness remained with me. Aryan left the city to study, And as he left, I was lost somewhere, As he left, my grace seemed to be lost. Yet I somehow stayed with Dhruv. Dhruv knew I was in a bad mood, so he arranged a trip with friends. And I have to catch the bus to get there tomorrow, but I don't want to go there, so I planned to miss the bus on purpose. And that's what I did, and since Dhruv is already there, he can't take me. So I happily got ready to go home from the bus stand,
But as soon as I stepped out of the bus stand, it started to rain. A splash of rainwater entered the bus stop, and I got half wet. I was shivering in the cold, waiting for a taxi to arrive,and my phone ran out of battery so I couldn't call uber, My eyes did not move from the road, I decided that whenever a car would come, I would knock on it and ask for a lift.

After a while a car came, before I could stop the car, it came towards me and stopped. Then the driver came out, suddenly I saw something that surprised me,
That was Aryan, he got out quickly, and he put me in the car, he wrapped me in a warm cloth, and started driving.

He said, "Why were you standing here, why didn't you go?
I said, "I missed the bus."
He said, "You don't say that, I know you're not a girl to miss the bus, you're a girl to come to the bus stand 1 hour earlier."
I said, "You don't know me, however. How did you know I was here?"
He said, "Dhruv called me, he said you missed your bus, then I went to your house, you were not there, so I came here after tracking your Gps."
I became angry
I said, "Well, I'm very sleepy. You take me home."
The I slept....

The next day when I opened my eyes I was in a room where both Dhruv and Aryan were, I asked them where I was, and they said vacation, I was in a state of anger and joy, I was happy on the inside, but angry on the outside.

After a while I went to the beach, there I saw Dhruv with a girl, Dhruv was happy with her, it was nice to see the two of them together. When I went to see him he was worried, I told him, "Enjoy your life, don't waste it like me, she deserves you, I don't." He smiled;

The sun was going down, I was enjoying it, then suddenly Aryan came, he sat beside me,

He said, "You didn't ask me when and why I came."
I said, "You must have come here for your brother, and to enjoy the holidays."
He said, "You're not good at guessing."
I said, "well then, why did you come?"
He said, "Actually, I'm here to tell someone something special."
I said, "Who's that, Sarah, Nicky, or Dhara?"
He said, "You."

As if I stopped, I couldn't believe my own ears, a drop of water flowed from my eyes, I got up and left, I started walking barefoot, my tears kept falling, Holding my shoes, aryan was coming after me, He told me to stop, but I didn't, then he ran in front of me and blocked my way,
Then he said, "I've loved you ever since you loved me, but I didn't tell you, because I didn't want our friendship to end. Then one day I read Dhruv's diary and found out that he loved you, since he lost both his parents, he was adopted by my mom, so I didn't want him to lose you either, you were his only best friend. So when I realized that you started to love me, I made some girlfriends, And then seeing you with others breaks my heart, so I leave town,
Then a few months later, Dhruv calls me and says that you are not well, so I should go there. He also says that he knows that you love me and he also knows that I love you too, so he makes this trip."
Listening to Aryan, I started crying more and more, as if tears were not stopping with my eyes,
Then he knelt down, took a ring out of his pocket, and said to me, "Natasha, I've loved you since I was a kid, and after so many days, I have the opportunity to propose, I love you."
I said, "I'm angry with you Aryan, but I love you the most "

Then he got up, put the ring on me,
And then I pulled him close, and we kissed for the first time in front of the setting sun. I have never felt this way before, I want to hold on to him for the rest of my life, I love him the most. And this is the first time I felt true love.

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