Smile of Shamelessnes

While on the way to home i saw a girl, the beauty you don't ask, the glamour you don't ask, the attitude needs not to be discussed but later. The smile of shameless, why you may wonder, has it's own reasons.
After a hectic day at office in 33 degree temperature and fasting going on, i was left with no strength and was taking my steps, with effort not required normally, towards home from Srinagar Railway Station only to take another ride.
A car standing just few meters at the entrance towards railway station from National Higway, a girl, mostly in her 20s appeared from read of the car only to take charge of the wheel. She was moving as if acting in a movie, as if some important mission to complete, as if she had some kind of responsibility to take care. The head scrave was covering the half head with a style of hair on forehead, the duppata on shoulders rounding her neck was flying in air as she approached towards the steering. Her eyes sparkling with glamour and faith on herself were getting glimpse of the environment and sorroundings along with the people walking in pace towards home and towards boarding train. I was among the passersby watching the scene as if some kind of real theatre was on and we were honoured with first seat to watch the show.
The girl took charge of the wheel and with the shift of gear as she pushed the acceleration the car skid down from road towards the barren land but only four or five feet. All this happened within a flash of few seconds and everybody along me rushed towards the stage where the show was going on and as i approached towards the girl incahrge of wheel, there it was smile of shamelessness. I looked into her eyes and didn't find any remorse or any feeling about the act. She even was sitting in the chair like she was enjoying a matinee show in a multiplex cinema. I couldn't resist but to ask, get down and save your life first and opened the window for her.
She was down with another girl accompanying her, as i could get, she was owner of the car and had came to teach her friens driving. There she was shivering with fear, with remorse and worry about what is going to happen next. She was happy for being alive and without any loss of life and car. All these emotions were clear in her face and skin gesture on face.
We got into action, tried to push it up but all efforts went into vain, then only a man, mostly in his fifties appeared from nowhere only to suggest that the service of Tata 207 (a local small truck) be hired for pulling the car out and there i left only to see two faces of human nature. The one face of shamelessness and any feeling of guilt even after a wrong act and another face of fear, guilt and happiness for taking a wrong decision of teaching a amateur friend and for being safe.
The only picture still in my mind which made me to write this up is the attitude of that girl towards her wrong act, she was smiling on our effort to push the vehicle up, smiling on worrying face of her friend, smiling on suggestions put by the spectators of the show, smiling on asking who did this?
This i termed smile of shamelessness
© mirakhtar